Philips Heartstart MRX Defibrillator


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Built to be rugged, reliable, and easy-to-use, the Philips MRx HeartStart Defibrillator with the Philips DXL 12-Lead ECG algorithm, provides industry-leading patient monitoring capabilities, superb diagnostic measurements, proven resuscitation therapies and CPR guidance.

Materials Included:

  • MRx Defibrillator
  • Therapy Cable
  • Test Load
  • 1 Set of Adult Smart Pads
  • 1 SpO2 Adult Sensor
  • ECG Cable with ECG Electrodes
  • Printer with Paper
  • NIBP Hose
  • A/C Power Supply

Additional Information

Lead Number

3-Lead with Pacing, 12-Lead with Pacing




1 year


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  • Large color display shows 4 waveforms and numerics, or view all 12 leads at once with the 12-lead acquisition option
  • Normal or high-contrast view for easy viewing in sunlight conditions
  • 10 hours of monitoring with two fully charged batteries
  • Ready-for-use indicator flashes to signal that ample power exists to monitor and deliver a shock
  • Automated self-tests that run hourly, daily and weekly
  • Easy-to-run operational checks
  • Color-coded monitoring ports for easy identification; ports match Philips patient monitors for easy hand-off
  • Integration and upgrades made easy
  • Patented Fourier Artifact Suppression Technology (FAST) SpO2 with its low-noise hardware and quality indicators enables accurate measurements, even in the presence of low peripheral perfusion
  • EtCO2 is for use with intubated and non-intubated patients, it is convenient and flexible, requiring no zeroing, no warm up time, and no external sensor to interfere with the patient’s airway
  • ADVANTAGE® oscillometric NBP provides motion tolerant systolic and diastolic measurement capabilities, as well as calculates mean arterial pressure
  • Provides continuous core or skin body temperature readings at a variety of sites for post-resuscitation cooling protocols
  • 2 lines of invasive blood pressure produces real-time waveforms and numeric values for systolic, diastolic, and mean arterial pressure and works with a range of catheters and blood pressure transducers
  • Filters out typical artifacts, such as respiratory variation and pressure changes caused by flushing the line or drawing blood samples Note: Temperature and IBP accessories are not included with the purchase