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Stretcher Pad 24″ – 29″



Product Details

  • Gel Polymer Technology (GPT™) is utilized in the top layer of the stretcher pad. The breathable open cell visco memory foam is comfortable, supportive and keeps the patient cool.
  • The gel polymer infused visco memory foam top layer conforms fo the body and reduces static fatigue (bottoming out) providing a comfortable pressure reducing environment for your patient.
  • Combining Three layers of high density, high resilient, medical grade urethane foam helps provide outstanding pressure redistribution, postural support and comfort.
  • Middle layer foam further helps to redistribute pressure while the firm base adds support.
  • Durable yet breathable stretch cover reduces shear and friction. The non-skid bottom utilizes velcro strips to ensure the pad stays in place.
  • Pads can be custom designed to meet most manufacturers’ original specifications.
  • Fluid Protection Zipper GUard (FPZG™) ensures protection against fluid contamination.
  • Designed for patient comfort and clinical efficiency; Low Friction for easy patient transfers, Anti-microbial, Anti-static, Stain resistant, Abrasion resistant, Non-allergenic.