Hill-Rom P3700A Affinity 3 Birthing Bed




Hill-Rom Affinity III (Model P3700A) is intended for use as a birthing bed within the acute care Labor and Delivery Unit.  This versatile, easy-to-use birthing bed has multiple articulation features, ergonomic hand grips, motorized bed positioning, manually adjustable foot stirrups and calf supports, light-weight lift-off foot section for caregiver access, fluid basin, and for patient comfort a two-piece head and foot section mattress or optional adjustable air mattress system.

The Affinity III birthing bed is electrically operated using convenient caregiver and patient Point-of-Care® controls on side rails for bed hi/lo, backrest up/down and leg up/down positioning.  Trendelenburg is manually operated through gas-assist dual ergonomic hand grips.  In addition, this bed can be equipped with optional SideComm® communications package which includes nurse call, TV/radio, speaker and adjustable volume controls.  The bed can be transported easily with featured Central Brake and Steer system with 4-wheel braking, 1 locking steer caster, and integrated headboard handles for steering control.  If the bed is not near a power outlet, battery backup with enable the user to temporarily adjust the bed as needed.

Additional Information

Allowable weight

up to 500 lb


Standard Configuration-includes stirrups, With Calf Supports



Model Number



(1)-year parts only


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  • 2-Section Foam Head and Seat, and Foam Foot section mattress set with mattress covers.
  • Point-of-Care® caregiver and patient side rail controls (Bed hi/lo, backrest up/down and foot up/down)
  • Dual ergonomic comfort foam gripped labor delivery handles
  • Dual comfort foam gripped Trendelenburg handles
  • Gas-assist Trendelenburg
  • Bed positioning control lock-out switch
  • Headboard with integrated push/steering handles
  • Four-wheel braking system, and 1-wheel steering caster with dual centralized brake/steer pedal controls
  • CPR release: emergency lowering
  • Automatic 15-degree pelvic tilt
  • Rechargeable battery backup with LED indicators
  • OneStep® side rail release (tuck-away side rails)
  • Zero gap transfer
  • Fluid basin
  • Adjustable foot supports
  • Two IV pole sockets (headend)
  • 6” (15 cm) Tente® casters
  • Night light
  • Hospital grade power plug
  • 500 lb (227 kg) safe working weight capacity; Foot section 400 lbs
Bed Length:
  • Full: 92” (234 cm)
Bed Width:
  • Side rails up: 39” (99 cm)
  • Side rails down: 36” (91 cm)
Bed Height:
  • Low (with mattress): 23” (58 cm)
  • High (with mattress) 39” (99 cm)
  • Maximum height of seat section in Trend like position: 40” (102 cm)
  • Length: 78” (98 cm)
  • Width: 35” (89 cm)
  • Thickness (head section): 5” (12.7 cm)
  • Thickness (foot section): 3.5” (8.9 cm)
Critical Angles:
  • Maximum head elevation: 63°
  • Maximum seat elevation: 15°
  • Maximum Trend-like positioning: 8°
Maximum Lift Capacity:
  • Bed: 500 lb (227 kg)
  • Foot section 400 lb (181 kg)
Caster Size:
  • 6” (15 cm)
Bed Weight:
  • 480 lb (218 kg)
  • Adjustable padded calf supports (permanently attach to foot stirrups)
  • Wooden or Molded plastic headboard
  • Adjustable dual-bladder air-mattress system for head & seat
  • V-cut or U-cut shaped head mattress (Foam or Air) (Foot section mattress is foam only)
  • SideComm® communications package which includes nurse call, TV/radio, speaker and adjustable volume controls
  • Removable IV pole
  • Wall roller bumpers (head end)