Terms & Conditions



Gumbo Medical, LLC accepts orders by phone, fax, email or online at gumbomedical.com.


Gumbo Medical, LLC accepts valid Purchase Orders or payment by credit card (Mastercard or Visa). Payment must be in U.S. currency.  International orders require wire payments.  First-time and foreign buyers are required to pay in full prior to shipping or pick-up.

For repeat customers within the United States, payment terms can be established at Gumbo Medical, LLC’s option.

Typically for facilities, net 30-day payment terms or terms acceptable to your facility.  A deposit may be collected if it is a customized order or specialty item.  Residential (home-use) buyers are required to pay in full prior to shipping or pick-up.


Prices do not include freight or handling fees and are subject to correction or change without notice.  In the case of substantial increases, customers will be notified on an as needed basis.


Gumbo Medical, LLC does not collect sales tax on any of its products, unless within the State of Nevada, USA.  Purchasers outside of Nevada are responsible for remitting any sales tax.  For sales in Nevada, Gumbo Medical, LLC will collect all applicable state and local sales taxes unless the buyer submits a valid State of Nevada Tax Exempt Certificate.


Gumbo Medical, LLC reserves the right to charge interest for late or delinquent payments.  Prior to assessing any interest on late or delinquent payments, the original purchaser shall be notified in writing by Gumbo Medical, LLC.  The amount of interest charged shall comply with applicable state and local laws.  In extreme instances, Gumbo Medical, LLC’s at its own discretion may utilize collection agencies where deemed necessary to recoup any delinquent payments owed by the original purchaser.


Shipping charges vary depending on distance, weight, cargo and method.  Gumbo Medical, LLC utilizes third-party freight carriers to ship products.  Small packages are typically sent UPS or FedEx using standard ground delivery.  Additional costs will apply for expedited shipping.  For larger refurbished products shipped directly from our warehouse in Las Vegas, NV, Gumbo Medical, LLC mainly uses blanket wrap carriers who are best equipped to ship fragile freight.  In some instances, standard freight carriers will be used where products are shipped on pallets.  Cost will vary depending on if your facility has a loading dock or requires lift gate service.   Additional freight costs will apply for inside delivery and “white glove” service where the freight is unpackaged for you.  New products purchased are shipped directly to the customer from the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s facilities using their preferred standard shipping methods.  Regardless of method of delivery, all shipping and handling charges will be added to your total.  For budgetary purposes should you need to know the shipping charges in advance, please contact Gumbo Medical, LLC so a shipping cost is added to your original quote.   Since we utilize third-party freight carriers, this cost is subject to change depending on how much time passes.  At the time of purchase, Gumbo Medical, LLC can provide you with an updated shipping cost.

Gumbo Medical, LLC will notify original purchaser/customer regarding shipping status, backorders and any delays.


For refurbished products, purchase orders (PO) are completed in the order they are received.  Gumbo Medical, LLC will do its best to refurbish equipment in a timely manner.  The refurbishing process is initiated once an order is received.  We strive to complete POs (but do not guarantee) within two-weeks upon receiving an order (excluding time to ship).    However, it is not always possible to complete orders within two-weeks especially during busy times of the year when many customers are submitting POs all at the same time.   The time to refurbish hinges on many factors.  Gumbo Medical, LLC stores many common parts, but does not store all parts.  When parts are ordered they are normally shipped by ground.  Gumbo Medical, LLC cannot control manufacturer back order of parts or other supplies.  All refurbished products ship directly from the Gumbo Medical, LLC warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gumbo Medical, LLC is not an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).   We cannot control how products are configured when manufactured.  Where possible, Gumbo Medical, LLC can upgrade or supply additional optional features that were not included when manufactured.   The refurbished items listed in this catalog are products we typically carry in stock.  However, we cannot always guarantee availability, certain quantities or configurations.


For new products, Gumbo Medical, LLC will submit orders directly to the OEM.  The timeline on when new products will ship from the OEM varies.  Gumbo Medical, LLC will work closely with the OEM to have orders shipped as timely as possible.  Gumbo Medical, LLC will keep customers notified of order status and when the products ships.


Gumbo Medical, LLC offers expedited service when it can for an additional fee.  Expediting is not always possible especially during busy times of year.  The expediting fee covers increased costs incurred by Gumbo Medical or its suppliers such as employee overtime, expedited shipping of parts and supplies, and expedited shipping of products from Gumbo Medical to the customer.  Expediting fee is non-negotiable.


Any newly manufactured product sold by Gumbo Medical, LLC to the original purchaser/customer will be covered under limited warranty terms and conditions of the original equipment manufacturer.   Gumbo Medical, LLC can provide specific limited product warranty terms for factory new products upon request.  All warranty issues or disputes need to be processed through the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  Gumbo Medical, LLC is available to assist with any manufacturer warranty claims.

For refurbished products, Gumbo Medical, LLC warrants to the original purchaser/customer that the products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year or 365 days from the time of receipt, unless otherwise specified.   For all refurbished products such as hospital beds sold into residential settings, the warranty period is thirty days from the time of receipt, unless otherwise specified.    The warranty period can be extended for an additional fee.

The equipment warranty also covers remote technical support services via telephone or video cell phone conference for the duration of warranty period during Gumbo Medical’s normal business hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm (PST), Monday through Friday to assist with the installation of parts or other troubleshooting if the product is malfunctioning. Upon being notified of warranty issue, Gumbo Medical will do its best to respond to the customer in a timely manner within 48 hours.

Gumbo Medical, LLC’s limited product warranty covers only for the replacement of defective parts, but not the onsite installation of such parts or any labor costs.   The liability of Gumbo Medical, LLC under this limited product warranty does not extend to any normal wear and tear, consequential damages, damage caused by improper installation and mishandling, abuse or misuse of the product, improper preventative maintenance, or its repair by anyone other than an authorized Gumbo Medical, LLC representative. In addition, the limited product warranty does not cover replacement parts for preventative maintenance purposes.

Any pre-owned or used product(s) sold in “As Is” working condition to the original purchaser is not covered by Gumbo Medical, LLC’s limited product warranty.  Gumbo Medical, LLC at its

sole discretion will determine if pre-owned/used product(s) will be sold in “As Is” working condition.

Specifically regarding Hill-Rom TotalCare Model P1900 Hospital Beds, stuck valves in the hydraulic manifold to operate the bed and stuck stepper motors for the air mattress system are common causing the bed to malfunction.  However, service of these valves and motors are considered part of regular preventative maintenance activities and not covered under warranty. However, defective valves and motors are covered.

Gumbo Medical, LLC at its discretion, may provide onsite service and repairs of equipment for items either noted under a freight claim as “damaged during shipping” or equipment received that does not function properly within a thirty (30) day period of the date received per the shipping Bill of Lading (BOL). However, such onsite service and repairs is provided when practical, and may be impeded by the availability and proximity of biomedical professionals in the area where the equipment is located. If the damaged or malfunctioning equipment cannot be repaired on site, then it shall be shipped from customer’s location to Gumbo Medical’s facility for repair or replacement and shipped back to the customer at Gumbo Medical’s expense.

The warranty period begins upon the original purchaser receipt of equipment and signed Bill of Lading (BOL). Replacement equipment provided by Gumbo Medical, LLC resets the warranty period upon receipt and signed BOL. However, if the replaced item(s) of equipment are part of a larger order initially received, the warranty period is only reset for the specific replacement equipment not the rest of the order.

Warranty of equipment is voided if service or repairs to malfunctioning equipment is conducted without prior authorization of Gumbo Medical, LLC’s President or Vice President.

Gumbo Medical, LLC is not an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Original Purchaser/Customer shall contact OEM directly regarding any product recall that may affect them.


Upon receipt of merchandise, the original purchaser/customer is required to immediately unpackage, inspect and test all products received and note any damage in detail on the freight carrier’s Bill of Lading (BOL) so that a damage claim can be filed promptly.  Claims for transit damage or defective merchandise must be reported immediately upon receipt.  The customer shall contact Gumbo Medical, LLC immediately at (702) 834-4498 if there is any damage or problems with the product caused from shipping.  It is the customer’s sole responsibility to follow this instruction. Gumbo Medical, LLC assumes no liability for any damaged item caused from shipping if the item is not properly inspected immediately upon delivery.

The customer shall have sufficient personnel available to allow for timely receiving process so they avoid being charged by the freight carrier for excessive time to unpackage, inspect and test equipment.

In instances, where there appears to be no physical damage but the product is malfunctioning, it is important for the customer to note this on the freight carrier’s BOL, as all products are thoroughly tested prior to shipping for proper working by either Gumbo Medical, LLC for refurbished products or the original equipment manufacturer for new products.   The customer before refusing to accept any damaged or malfunctioning products from the freight carrier, shall immediately first contact Gumbo Medical, LLC at (702)834-4498 to determine how best to resolve as some damaged or malfunctioning equipment may be able to be repaired onsite.

Customers are advised that it is common that sensitive wire connections, clamps, linkages, nuts and bolts may become disconnected, disengaged or loosened during product shipment causing product failures or malfunctions which is beyond the control of Gumbo Medical, LLC. For an additional fee, Gumbo Medical, LLC offers onsite in-servicing of product prior to being put into use. However, if the customer declines to have this in-servicing performed by Gumbo Medical, LLC then the customer is responsible for reconnecting, reengaging and tightening loose parts, as this is considered to be routine in-servicing prior to product being put into use. Gumbo Medical, LLC, if necessary, can provide remote technical assistance. Warranty is limited to only replacing defective parts that cause product malfunctions or failures.

If the customer requires delivery within their facility for large products that must be physically put on its side or end to fit through narrow doorways and hallways, carried upstairs, or put on side or end to fit into undersized elevators, Gumbo Medical, LLC nor the freight carrier is responsible for any damage caused either to the product or facility by providing this additional service. All products must be unwrapped, inspected and tested inside facility entrance at ground level prior to product being moved to other locations within the facility. Freight carrier is only responsible for any damage of product caused in transit or unloading.

Gumbo Medical, LLC assumes no liability for any merchandise damaged in shipping from the customer’s (original purchaser’s) own freight carrier if they decide to book their own freight or customer pick-up directly from our facility.


Typically, all sales are final and returns are generally not accepted unless the product sold proves to be defective.  If the product is defective, the original purchaser/customer may return same to Gumbo Medical, LLC for repair or replacement at Gumbo Medical, LLC’s option. Gumbo Medical, LLC will be responsible for all shipping costs for repair or replacement.

Any return of new or refurbished items by the original purchaser/customer must be authorized in advance by Gumbo Medical, LLC.

In the rare instance that a purchase order is cancelled by the original purchaser/customer and Gumbo Medical, LLC agrees to accept a product return, a 25% restocking fee will be applied to the customer (non-negotiable) and the customer is responsible for 100% of all shipping costs if the products have already shipped.  The original purchaser/customer is responsible to ensure all products arrive back to Gumbo Medical undamaged in the condition it was received.  Gumbo Medical, LLC shall thoroughly inspect and test returned products and reserves the right to impose a customer fee if the product is damaged or the condition is misrepresented.  The return period for products is 30-days from delivery.  No merchandise may be returned without the prior written authorization of Gumbo Medical, LLC.

Gumbo Medical, LLC does not accept returns or cancelled purchase orders for special or customized orders.


Gumbo Medical, LLC strives to provide the lowest possible price to our customers.  We will do our best to match or beat valid competitors pricing for newly manufactured or refurbished products.  Customers are advised for refurbished projects not all companies refurbish to the same standard as Gumbo Medical, LLC or offer similar warranty terms.


Gumbo Medical, LLC does it best to accurately represent product specifications for newly manufactured and refurbished products as most products have standard and optional features.  Customers are advised to discuss with a Gumbo Medical sales representative standard and optional features prior to ordering.  Photos in our catalog and website are a representation of the products we supply, but some features displayed on items are not to be considered standard.  Also due to uncontrollable manufacturing conditions, product specifications and colors, these are subject to change without notice.  Actual product color may differ from catalog product colors.


All products purchased from Gumbo Medical, LLC are in patient-ready condition intended to be used by licensed healthcare professionals.  Products require biomedical certification prior to being put into service.  These products may also be used for educational purposes and are to only be used under the direct supervision of a qualified healthcare instructor.   Products sold into residential settings for personal use are limited.  Products include only some models of hospital grade electric beds, and patient room furniture such as overbed tables and bedside cabinets.  These products are intended to be used under the direct supervision of a licensed home healthcare provider.  Purchaser agrees that all products will be used for their intended healthcare or instructional purpose only, in a safe and legal manner consistent with all applicable state and federal laws and Purchaser’s own internal and safety policies.


Gumbo Medical, LLC requests to be placed on any bid list.  We assure prompt replies on all bids.  Please contact us if you need our W-9 and/or vendor registration information.   If we are not already a preferred vendor, we also request information on how to register and obtain preferred vendor status with your organization or facility.


Customers are always welcome to tour our warehouse facility located at 4120 West Windmill Lane, Suite 111/110, Las Vegas, NV  89074.


Our standard business hours are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm (PST).


ONLINE: gumbomedical.com

EMAIL: orders@gumbomedical.com

PHONE: (702) 834-4498

FAX: (702) 629-7696

MAILING ADDRESS: 2325 Prometheus Ct., Henderson, NV  89074

CORPORATE OFFICE/WAREHOUSE ADDRESS: 4120 West Windmill Lane, Suites 111/110, Las Vegas, NV  89139