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Limited Product Warranty

Limited Warranty

Any newly manufactured product sold by Gumbo Medical, LLC to the original purchaser/customer will be covered under limited warranty terms and conditions of the original equipment manufacturer. 

Gumbo Medical, LLC can provide specific limited product warranty terms for factory new products upon request.  All warranty issues or disputes need to be processed through the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  Gumbo Medical, LLC is available to assist with any manufacturer warranty claims.

The warranty period begins upon the original purchaser receipt of equipment and signed Bill of Lading (BOL). Replacement equipment provided by Gumbo Medical, LLC resets the warranty period upon receipt and signed BOL. However, if the replaced item(s) of equipment are part of a larger order initially received, the warranty period is only reset for the specific replacement equipment not the rest of the order.

Warranty of equipment is voided if service or repairs to malfunctioning equipment is conducted without prior authorization of Gumbo Medical, LLC’s President or Vice President.

Gumbo Medical, LLC is not an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Original Purchaser/Customer shall contact OEM directly regarding any product recall that may affect them.

For refurbished products, Gumbo Medical, LLC warrants to the original purchaser/customer that the products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year or 365 days from the time of receipt, unless otherwise specified. For all refurbished products such as hospital beds sold into residential settings, the warranty period is thirty days from the time of receipt, unless otherwise specified. Also, for any older equipment sold which is no longer supported by the OEM, a limited parts warranty will be offered based on parts availability. The warranty period can be extended for an additional fee.

The equipment warranty also covers remote technical support services via telephone or video cell phone conference for the duration of warranty period during Gumbo Medical’s normal business hours of 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM (PST), Monday through Friday, to assist with the installation of parts or other troubleshooting if the product is malfunctioning. Upon being notified of warranty issue, Gumbo Medical will do its best to respond to the customer in a timely manner within 48 hours.

Gumbo Medical, LLC’s limited product warranty covers only for the replacement of defective parts, but not the onsite installation of such parts or any labor costs.   The liability of Gumbo Medical, LLC under this limited product warranty does not extend to any normal wear and tear, consequential damages, damage caused by improper installation and mishandling, abuse or misuse of the product, improper preventative maintenance, or its repair by anyone other than an authorized Gumbo Medical, LLC representative. In addition, the limited product warranty does not cover replacement parts for preventative maintenance purposes.

Any pre-owned or used product(s) sold in “As Is” working condition to the original purchaser is not covered by Gumbo Medical, LLC’s limited product warranty.  Gumbo Medical, LLC at its sole discretion will determine if pre-owned/used product(s) will be sold in “As Is” working condition.

Gumbo Medical, LLC at its discretion, may provide onsite service and repairs of equipment for items either noted under a freight claim as “damaged during shipping” or equipment received that does not function properly within a thirty (30) day period of the date received per the shipping Bill of Lading (BOL).

However, such onsite service and repairs is provided when practical, and may be impeded by the availability and proximity of biomedical professionals in the area where the equipment is located. If the damaged or malfunctioning equipment cannot be repaired on site, then it shall be shipped from customer’s location to Gumbo Medical’s facility for repair or replacement and shipped back to the customer at Gumbo Medical’s expense.

Specifically regarding Hill-Rom TotalCare Model P1900 Hospital Beds, stuck valves in the hydraulic manifold to operate the bed and stuck stepper motors for the air mattress system are common causing the bed to malfunction.  However, service of these valves and motors are considered part of regular preventative maintenance activities and not covered under warranty. However, defective valves and motors are covered.

Customer Responsibilities

While Gumbo Medical, LLC will do everything possible to ensure the equipment arrives in good working order, the customer has certain responsibilities to ensure a smooth receiving process and to take advantage of the limited product warranty.

Upon receipt of merchandise, the original purchaser/customer is required to immediately unpackage, inspect and test all products received and note any damage in detail on the freight carrier’s Bill of Lading (BOL) so that a damage claim can be filed promptly.  Claims for transit damage or defective merchandise must be reported immediately upon receipt.  

The customer shall contact Gumbo Medical, LLC immediately at (702) 834-4498 if there is any damage or problems with the product caused from shipping.  It is the customer’s sole responsibility to follow this instruction. Gumbo Medical, LLC assumes no liability for any damaged item caused from shipping if the item is not properly inspected immediately upon delivery.

The customer shall have sufficient personnel available to allow for timely receiving process so they avoid being charged by the freight carrier for excessive time to unpackage, inspect and test equipment.

In instances, where there appears to be no physical damage but the product is malfunctioning, it is important for the customer to note this on the freight carrier’s BOL, as all products are thoroughly tested prior to shipping for proper working by either Gumbo Medical, LLC for refurbished products or the original equipment manufacturer for new products.   The customer before refusing to accept any damaged or malfunctioning products from the freight carrier, shall immediately first contact Gumbo Medical, LLC at (702) 834-4498 to determine how best to resolve as some damaged or malfunctioning equipment may be able to be repaired onsite.

Customers are advised that it is common that sensitive wire connections, clamps, linkages, nuts and bolts may become disconnected, disengaged or loosened during product shipment causing product failures or malfunctions which is beyond the control of Gumbo Medical, LLC.

For an additional fee, Gumbo Medical, LLC offers onsite in-servicing of product prior to being put into use.

However, if the customer declines to have this in-servicing performed by Gumbo Medical, LLC then the customer is responsible for reconnecting, reengaging, and tightening loose parts, as this is considered to be routine in-servicing prior to product being put into use. Gumbo Medical, LLC, if necessary, can provide remote technical assistance. Warranty is limited to only replacing defective parts that cause product malfunctions or failures.

If the customer requires delivery within their facility for large products that must be physically put on its side or end to fit through narrow doorways and hallways, carried upstairs, or put on side or end to fit into undersized elevators, Gumbo Medical, LLC nor the freight carrier is responsible for any damage caused either to the product or facility by providing this additional service. 

All products must be unwrapped, inspected and tested inside facility entrance at ground level prior to product being moved to other locations within the facility. Freight carrier is only responsible for any damage of product caused in transit or unloading.

Gumbo Medical, LLC assumes no liability for any merchandise damaged in shipping from the customer’s (original purchaser’s) own freight carrier if they decide to book their own freight or customer pick-up directly from our facility.

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