Save up to 40% when you buy refurbished medical equipment direct.


We restore to save you money.


We offer convenient payment options.


We ship direct - no middle man!


We happily offer support for customers.

Used Hospital Beds For Sale
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Stretchers & Beds

Used & Refurbished

Hospital Beds

We carry top brands, like Hill-Rom and Stryker.

Pumps & Monitors

Infusion Pumps &

Medical Monitors

We sell used and refurbished medical electronics.

Infant Warmers & Bassinets

New & Used

Infant Warmers & Bassinets

Affordable equipment for your maternity center.

Medical Carts

Medical Furniture

Carts, Bins, & Storage

Help staff find what they need, when they need it.

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Our refurbishment of used hospital & medical equipment is done “in-house” and we ship direct. Learn more about our refurbishment process.

Repair &Amp; Service


We repair & restore used medical equipment to “like new” status. We understand exactly what is at stake and provide quality your patients can trust. 

Warranty &Amp; Support


We stand behind our work and offer a limited warranty and customer support for every piece of equipment we sell. We don’t sell it and forget it.

Shop Our Bestselling New & Used Medical Equipment


Affordable hospital beds are in high demand. We understand that you are looking for both quality and value when you shop for used medical equipment, hospital beds and furniture. All of our used equipment like syringe pumpsbeds and stretchers, exam chairs, and medical devices go through a rigorous refurbishment and restoration process right here in our warehouse. This means our staff has a working knowledge that you can use to make purchasing and budgeting decisions easier.

Looking for the best prices? We offer significant savings when you buy direct from Gumbo Medical – save up to 40%!

Do you need a specific model or brand you can't find? We'll do our best to help get what you need.

Experience The Gumbo Medical Advantage


Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality used medical equipment, that serves your needs, at a price you can afford. We do this by carefully listening to you and providing not just equipment but a wide range of support services, including repair and maintenance. We maintain a large inventory of quality new and refurbished medical furniture and equipment from the top brands in the healthcare industry. 

Our inventory is updated weekly and our techs are always working on restoring our new deliveries. Sign up for our e-mail list to stay updated.

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