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AEDs & Defibrillators

Gumbo Medical offers refurbished and used AEDs and defibrillators for sale to help supply your medical facility, training facility, and health care facility. All medical equipment products are inspected and reconditioned to ensure that they work when you need them the most.

We offer refurbished AEDs and defibrillators with audio and visual commands that are a great addition to any facility. Our models come both manual and automated to give you the capabilities you need.

All models that we carry are from industry-trusted, FDA-approved manufacturers like Defibtech, Lifepak, Physio-Control, and Zoll.

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  • Defibtech Lifeline AED
  • Defibtech Stand Alone Training AED
  • Lifepak 12-15-20 Simulator
    AEDs & Defibrillators

    Lifepak 12,15, 20, Simulator

    Condition: Refurbished
    $750.00$900.00 View Details
  • Lifepak CR Plus
  • Phillips 12 Lead ECG Simulator
  • Philips Heartstart AED
  • Philips Heartstart MRX Defibrillator
  • Electronic Medical Equipment
    AEDs & Defibrillators

    Lifepk 12 Defibrillator

    Condition: Refurbished
    $1,345.00$1,985.00 View Details
  • Physio Control Lifepak 20 Defibrillator
  • Physio Control Lifepak 500 AED Trainer
  • Physio-Control-Lifepak-CR-T-AED-Trainer
  • Stryker Head Piece Left
  • Stryker Head Piece Right
  • Stryker Superior Wrist Rest
  • Stryker Temporal Wrist Rest
  • Zoll 12 Lead ECG Simulator
  • Zoll AED Plus
    AEDs & Defibrillators

    Zoll AED Plus

    Condition: Refurbished
    $1,695.00 View Details
  • Zoll AED Plus Trainer
  • Zoll M Series Defibrillator
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