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GE Dinamap Carescape V100


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GE Healthcare

The GE Carescape V100 monitor is the latest vital signs monitor in the Dinamap family.

Reliable, Low-Acuity Patient Monitoring

The GE Carescape V100 monitor is a reliable, easy-to-use vital signs monitor that helps you care for many patients efficiently. Its speed, accuracy, and mobility allow you to collect the right information at the point of care, and present it wherever it is needed, so you can make fast, quality care decisions.






1 year

Model Number Dinamap V100
Accuracy The CARESCAPE V100 provides precise, accurate readings using proven DINAMAP® technology. The GE DINAMAP SuperSTAT blood pressure algorithms support speed, comfort and artifact rejection for virtually all types of patients, including neonates with very low perfusion pressures, geriatrics and hyper/hypo tensive patients. When combined with the Mobile Vitals Plus application, vital signs are transmitted to the EMR in real time, eliminating any transcription errors. Speed With non-invasive blood pressure determination times as fast as 14 seconds, and the clinical accuracy of embedded DINAMAP technology, the CARESCAPE V100 monitor delivers exceptional speed and accuracy. The Exergen TemporalScanner® thermometer provides non-invasive, fast, easy and accurate temperatures. And when combined with the Mobile Vitals Plus application, vital signs are transmitted to the EMR in real time, eliminating any lag time. Efficiency The CARESCAPE V100 monitor is a two-in-one monitor - it can be used for both spot check and continuous monitoring, with continuous monitoring freeing up valuable nursing time. When combined with the Mobile Vitals Plus application, nurses spend less time in documentation and more time with their patients and families. Mobility Not only can it withstand the rigors of tough clinical use and cleaning, the CARESCAPE* V100 monitor's battery has a long run time - typically eight to 11 hours before requiring recharge. And if the battery is discharged, it maintains the data, and you can plug it in and continue to use the monitor. This extended battery life allows you to flexibly move the monitor from one patient room to the next for the course of a shift.

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