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Steris Amsco 3080 Surgical Table


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The Steris®/Amsco® General Surgical Table is one of the most reliable and popular surgical tables.  Trusted for years by healthcare facilities around the world for its proven performance, the 3080 is a cost-effective solution for general Operating Rooms.

Precise Surgical Table Controls

The 3080 familiar, easy to use hand control quickly performs Bieri hydraulic ultra-precise tabletop articulations for any patient posture needed. Self-compensating hydraulic floor locks adjust automatically for uneven surfaces, firmly fixing the table in place.

Enhanced Operating Room Safety

The table includes a return to level feature, enhancing patient safety.  T-shaped pedestal design and reverse orientation provide optimal access to the patient by the entire surgical team, regardless of procedure.

Easy C-Arm Access

The 3080 also has a streamlined radiolucent tabletop for easy C-arm access and complete upper and lower body image amplification (IA) coverage.  An optional Radiolucent Orthopedic Extension can quickly convert this workhorse general surgical table into a fracture table.

In addition, Bariatric Width Extenders stretch the table width to 28″ to accommodate the girth of up to a 500 lb (227 kg) patient.

Your Multi-Discipline Surgical Table

The 3080 RL/SP handles virtually all general surgical specialty procedures such as Pediatrics, Urology, Neurology, Bariatrics, ENT, OB/GYN, Endovascular, Plastic Surgery, Ophthalmology, and Orthopedics (including skeletal traction, with accessories).






1-Year Parts Only

Model Number Amsco 3080 Surgery Table
Features Steris®/AMSCO® 3080 SP Table
Table Length: 76" (193 cm)
Table Width: 20" (51 cm)
Table Height Range: 27" to 44" (68.6-11.8 cm)
Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg) - normal orientation500 lbs (227 kg) - side tilt & reverse orientation
Table Shipping Weight: 918 lbs (416 kg) electric - powered920 lbs (417 kg) battery- powered X-ray tops add 40 lbs (18 kg) to shipping weight
Upper Body Imaging Area:·         Normal orientation (28" x 16"): ·         Normal orientation with IA extender (36" x 16") ·         Reverse orientation, head section reversed (45" x 16"): ·         Normal orientation, 36" carbon fiber fluoro extension (36" x 20"): 448 sq in (2890 cm2) 576 sq in (3716 cm2) 720 sq in (4645 cm2)   720 sq in (4645 cm2)
Lower Body Imaging Area:·         Normal orientation (33" x 14") ·         Normal orientation, head section reversed (45" x 16"): ·         Reverse orientation, 36" carbon fiber fluoro extension (36" x 20"): ·         Normal orientation with Fem/Pop board (55" x 16"): 462 sq in (2980 cm2) 720 sq in (4645 cm2)   720 sq in (4645 cm2)   880 sq in (5678 cm2)
Hand control features: Normal/reverse orientation button & Return to Level button
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trend: 25° / 25°
Lateral Tilt (left/right): 18° / 18°
Head Section: +90° to -90°
Back Section: +55° to -25° (normal)+80° to -105° (reverse)
Leg Section: +80° to -105° (reverse)+55° to -25° (reverse)
Flex/Reflex: 20° / 25°
Manual Override Yes
Perineal Cut-out: Yes
Kidney Elevator: 4" (10 cm) manual
Battery-powered models: ST010101 standard tableST010102 table with X-ray top
Electric-powered models: ST010201 standard tableST010202 table with X-ray top

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