Hill-Rom Affinity V-Cut (Non-Air) Mattress Pad Set


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  • Automatically senses body weight and temperature
  • Provides optimal patient comfort and support
  • Molds to the exact shape and position of the body
  • Distributes weight evenly and reduces stress on pressure points
  • Returns to original shape for next patient
  • Two-way stretch
  • Designed to achieve highest level of patient comfort and clinical efficacy
  • Fluid Proof guards inner component of mattress from liquid and body fluid contamination
  • Anti-microbial, static resistant, stain resistant, abrasion resistant, non-allergenic, tear resistant, self-deodorizing, and easy to sanitize
  • Placed in high fluid areas
  • Prevents fluids from entering the inner component of the mattress
  • Positioned between foam and cover
  • Thermally sealed polyurethane
  • Protects inner foam if outer cover is compromised
  • Reduces risk of allergic reaction

Please contact us for a quote if individual head or foot pad is needed.

Price for set ONLY.


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