Midmark 622 Power Exam Table


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The Midmark 622 High-Low Examination Table delivers the highest quality care to your patients, staff and you. Many different types of patients can face a frustrating dilemma in a physician’s office… how to get on the exam table. Being able to easily get onto an exam table can increase a patient’s comfort during the exam, help the physician conduct a more thorough and accurate exam and increase the satisfaction level of the overall patient experience. Breaking down these barriers in the exam room by having a Barrier-Free™ table will allow for an equality in healthcare that has been nonexistent in the past.

Most of the time, we think only elderly or disabled patients are the ones who need assistance getting on and off an exam table. However, there are many children who need assistance and would benefit from using a Barrier-Free™ examination table as well.

Midmark’s Barrier-Free™ examination tables easily lower to a child’s level, lift up small children and lower tall children so that the doctor can easily examine them. Obese children can also get on the table effortlessly.

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