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You’ll find a large variety of Stryker brand stretchers, cabinets, cribs, birthing beds, and new pad sets at Gumbo Medical. Medical equipment and stretchers from Stryker focus on mobility and making patient care more efficient.

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  • Stryker 738 Transport Stretcher
  • Stryker 1001 Advantage Stretcher
  • Stryker 1005 Stretcher
  • Stryker 1009 Transport Stretcher
  • Stryker 1020 Trauma Stretcher

    The Stryker 1020 Trauma Stretcher is a reliable choice for hospitals and emergency centers seeking to improve patient transport and care during emergencies. Its innovative design focuses on durability, ease of use, patient comfort, and X-ray capability without repositioning the patient.

    Hospital Beds & Stretchers

    Stryker 1020 Trauma Stretcher

    Condition: Refurbished
    $1,795.00$1,995.00 View Details
  • Stryker 1025 Zoom Stretcher
  • Stryker Gynnie 1061 OBGYN Stretcher
  • Stryker Gynnie Pad
  • Stryker 1069 Eye Stretcher
  • Stryker 1069 Pad Set
  • Stryker 1079 Stetcher
  • Stryker 1079 Pad Set
  • Stryker 1080 Fluoroscopy Stretcher
  • Stryker 1080 Pad Set
  • Stryker 1089 Surgical Eye Stretcher
  • Stryker 1105 Prime Series Stretcher
  • Stryker 1115 Prime Big Wheel Stretcher
  • Stryker 1115 Prime X X-Ray Stretcher
  • Stryker 1125 Prime Zoom Stretcher
  • Stryker 1211 Renaissance Stretcher
  • Stryker 1231 Big Wheel Stretcher
  • Stryker 1501 Big Wheel Stretcher
  • Stryker Secure II Hospital Bed

    Stryker’s Model 3002 Secure II hospital bed is a versatile solution with all the features you want for your facility. Gumbo Medical provides fully refurbished hospital bed options that include features you need to provide the best patient care possible.

    Hospital Beds

    Stryker Secure II Hospital Bed

    Condition: Refurbished
    $2,250.00$2,395.00 View Details
  • Stryker 5050 Pad Set
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