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Carts & Storage

When it’s time to increase examination or procedure room storage and tool accessibility, you can rely on new & used medical carts from Gumbo Medical. We carry rolling carts with capacities ranging from 3 drawers to 50 bins. You can purchase general storage for convenience or use-specific carts. We offer the durability, reliability, and functionality you’re looking for. Browse our range of new and refurbished steel and aluminum medication carts, emergency carts, and pediatric carts.

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  • Waterloo 3 Drawer Short Model ESGKU 399 LTG
  • Waterloo 4 Drawer Short Model ESGKU 3369 LTG
  • Waterloo 5 Drawer Medium Model UMRLA 33369 Red
  • Waterloo 5 Drawer Short Model ESGKU 33366 LTG
  • Waterloo 5 Drawer Short Model USRLU 33339 Red
  • Waterloo 6 Drawer Tall Model UTRLA 3333369 Red
  • Waterloo 6 Drawer X Tall Model UXRLU 33369 Red
  • Waterloo 6 Drawer X Tall Model UXRLA 333669 Red
  • Waterloo 9 Drawer Tall Pediatric Model UXGLU 9PEDS
  • Waterloo 9 Drawer X Tall Pediatric Model UXGLA 9PEDS
  • Waterloo E.R. Crash Cart Model ER2000 B OR R
  • Fetal Monitor Cart Oak
  • Waterloo Full Sized 22 Bin Model MTK1 33FTF6
  • Waterloo Full Sized 40 Bin Model MTK1 4B411 6TTTT 1
  • Waterloo Full Sized 32 Bin Model MTK1 4B411 TFTF6
  • Waterloo Full Sized 40 Bin Model MTK1 4B771 33TTT
  • Waterloo Full Sized 42 Bin Model MTK1 4B771 TFTFT
  • Waterloo Half Sized 40 Bin Model HTK1 6BTTTT
  • Waterloo Half Sized 30 Bin Model HTK1 33TTT6
  • Hill-Rom Vista Bedside Cabinet
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