Delivery & Returns


Shipping charges vary depending on distance, weight, cargo and method.  Gumbo Medical, LLC utilizes third-party freight carriers to ship products.  Small packages are typically sent UPS or FedEx using standard ground delivery.  Additional costs will apply for expedited shipping.  For larger refurbished products shipped directly from our warehouse in Las Vegas, NV, Gumbo Medical, LLC mainly uses blanket wrap carriers who are best equipped to ship fragile freight.  In some instances, standard freight carriers will be used where products are shipped on pallets.  Cost will vary depending on if your facility has a loading dock or requires lift gate service.   Additional freight costs will apply for inside delivery and “white glove” service where the freight is unpackaged for you.  New products purchased are shipped directly to the customer from the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s facilities using their preferred standard shipping methods.  Regardless of method of delivery, all shipping and handling charges will be added to your total.  For budgetary purposes should you need to know the shipping charges in advance, please contact Gumbo Medical, LLC so a shipping cost is added to your original quote.   Since we utilize third-party freight carriers, this cost is subject to change depending on how much time passes.  At the time of purchase, Gumbo Medical, LLC can provide you with an updated shipping cost.

Gumbo Medical, LLC will notify original purchaser/customer regarding shipping status, backorders and any delays.


For refurbished products, purchase orders (PO) are completed in the order they are received.  Gumbo Medical, LLC will do its best to refurbish equipment in a timely manner.  The refurbishing process is initiated once an order is received.  We strive to complete POs (but do not guarantee) within two-weeks upon receiving an order (excluding time to ship).    However, it is not always possible to complete orders within two-weeks especially during busy times of the year when many customers are submitting POs all at the same time.   The time to refurbish hinges on many factors.  Gumbo Medical, LLC stores many common parts, but does not store all parts.  When parts are ordered they are normally shipped by ground.  Gumbo Medical, LLC cannot control manufacturer back order of parts or other supplies.  All refurbished products ship directly from the Gumbo Medical, LLC warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Gumbo Medical, LLC is not an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).   We cannot control how products are configured when manufactured.  Where possible, Gumbo Medical, LLC can upgrade or supply additional optional features that were not included when manufactured.   The refurbished items listed in this catalog are products we typically carry in stock.  However, we cannot always guarantee availability, certain quantities or configurations.


For new products, Gumbo Medical, LLC will submit orders directly to the OEM.  The timeline on when new products will ship from the OEM varies.  Gumbo Medical, LLC will work closely with the OEM to have orders shipped as timely as possible.  Gumbo Medical, LLC will keep customers notified of order status and when the products ships.


Gumbo Medical, LLC offers expedited service when it can for an additional fee.  Expediting is not always possible especially during busy times of year.  The expediting fee covers increased costs incurred by Gumbo Medical or its suppliers such as employee overtime, expedited shipping of parts and supplies, and expedited shipping of products from Gumbo Medical to the customer.  Expediting fee is non-negotiable.


Typically, all sales are final and returns are generally not accepted unless the product sold proves to be defective.  If the product is defective, the original purchaser/customer may return same to Gumbo Medical, LLC for repair or replacement at Gumbo Medical, LLC’s option. Gumbo Medical, LLC will be responsible for all shipping costs for repair or replacement.

Any return of new or refurbished items by the original purchaser/customer must be authorized in advance by Gumbo Medical, LLC.

In the rare instance that a purchase order is cancelled by the original purchaser/customer and Gumbo Medical, LLC agrees to accept a product return, a 25% restocking fee will be applied to the customer (non-negotiable) and the customer is responsible for 100% of all shipping costs if the products have already shipped.  The original purchaser/customer is responsible to ensure all products arrive back to Gumbo Medical undamaged in the condition it was received.  Gumbo Medical, LLC shall thoroughly inspect and test returned products and reserves the right to impose a customer fee if the product is damaged or the condition is misrepresented.  The return period for products is 30-days from delivery.  No merchandise may be returned without the prior written authorization of Gumbo Medical, LLC.

Gumbo Medical, LLC does not accept returns or cancelled purchase orders for special or customized orders.