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Gumbo Medical is your one-stop shop for refurbished stretchers. Our reliable process prepares equipment to help you outfit your facility, including the following spaces.

  • Ambulance
  • Emergency Room
  • Surgical Center

We carry reliable brands like Birkova, Ferno, Hill-Rom, Proactive, Stryker, and Wy’East. These pieces of equipment can help patients travel in comfort while they get the care that they need.

Browse refurbished, high-quality ambulance, transport, bariatric, eye surgery, electric, and OB/GYN stretchers. Don’t see what you need? Give Gumbo Medical a call for the most up-to-date options available.

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  • Ferno Model 35A Ambulance Stretcher
  • Stryker 738 Transport Stretcher
  • Hill-Rom P8000 Transtar Procedural Bariatric Stretcher - 700lbs
  • Hill-Rom P8000 Transtar Stretcher - 500lbs
  • Hill-Rom P8005 Durastar Bariatric Stretcher - 700lbs
  • Hill-Rom P8005 Durastar Stretcher - 500lbs
  • Hill-Rom P8020 Bariatric Electric Transtar Stretcher
  • Hill-Rom P8020 Electric Stretcher
  • Hill-Rom P8040 Bariatric Trauma Stretcher
  • Hill-Rom P8040 Stretcher
  • Hill-Rom Bariatric OBGYN Stretcher
  • Hill-Rom P8050 OBGYN Stretcher
  • Stryker 1001 Advantage Stretcher
  • Stryker 1005 Stretcher
  • Stryker 1009 Transport Stretcher
  • Stryker 1020 Trauma Stretcher

    The Stryker 1020 Trauma Stretcher is a reliable choice for hospitals and emergency centers seeking to improve patient transport and care during emergencies. Its innovative design focuses on durability, ease of use, patient comfort, and X-ray capability without repositioning the patient.

    Hospital Beds & Stretchers

    Stryker 1020 Trauma Stretcher

    Condition: Refurbished
    $1,795.00$1,995.00 View Details
  • Stryker 1025 Zoom Stretcher
  • Stryker Gynnie 1061 OBGYN Stretcher
  • Stryker 1069 Eye Stretcher
  • Stryker 1079 Stetcher
  • Stryker 1080 Fluoroscopy Stretcher
  • Stryker 1089 Surgical Eye Stretcher
  • Stryker 1105 Prime Series Stretcher
  • Stryker 1115 Prime Big Wheel Stretcher
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