Hill-Rom P1600 Advanta Hospital Bed


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The Hill-Rom Advanta™ Model P1600 bed is a popular fully electric, adjustable “med-surg” hospital bed and is an excellent choice for healthcare facilities, educational and training facilities, and home-use due to its durability, functionality, versatility and ease of use.  Advanta™ was designed to help caregivers provide more care with much less effort.  Also, it was manufactured to ensure safety with safer entry and exiting, along with exiting alerts to prevent patient falls.  This is a 4-motor, multi-function, retractable frame bed with “chair-in and out” positions, Trendelenburg and reverse trend, head up and down, knee up and down, and bed hi and lo features.  Integrated scale, ZoneAire® Air mattress system, side communications including nurse call and entertainment controls, and Patient Positioning Monitoring (PPM) bed exit system are optional features.  Advanta™ replaced the popular Hill-Rom Advance™ Series bed being one-generation newer incorporating improvements to the bed design and features.

Additional Information

Allowable weight

up to 500 lb


Standard Configuration, non-scale, With Air, With Scale, With Scale & Air



Model Number



(1)-year parts only


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  • New Hospital Grade 84” Long x 36” wide X 6” thick foam mattress
  • Caregiver siderail controls for hi/lo, head up/head down & knee up/knee down positions
  • Patient siderail controls for backrest and knee positions (SideComm® controls optional)
  • Caregiver footboard control panel for hi/lo, backrest, knee, chair-in and chair-out, Trendelenburg and reverse trend positions as well as patient siderail control lockouts. (Optional: ZoneAire® Air Mattress controls, integrated scale controls and display)
  • Removable footboard and headboard. (Headboard can be used for emergency CPR.  Note: Hill-Rom’s offers two different sized headboards.  The headboard size varies based on manufacturer configuration).
  • Fold-down siderails (tuckaway optional)
  • Orthopedic hard pan patient surface
  • Retractable bed frame
  • Automatic contour positioning
  • Four 5” (12.7 cm) Tente casters
  • 4-dual locking casters with brake and steer pedals over each caster
  • Locking steer caster for improved steering and mobility.
  • Night light
  • Siderail back light
  • Instant CPR release lever including a dampened descent
  • Integrated drainage bag holders
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg Angle Indicators (mechanical gauge)
  • Backrest angle indicator (decals with indicating degree of angle)
  • “Motor Power Off” indicator light on footboard
  • “Ground Loss” indicator light on footboard
  • “Brake Not Set” indicator light on footboard
  • “Bed Not Down” indicator light on footboard
  • “Service Required” indicator light on footboard
  • Foot prop rod
  • Hospital grade power plug
  • 500 lb (226.80 kg) weight capacity
Bed Height:
  • Low position (minimum height): 54” (137 cm)
  • High position (maximum height): 74” (188 cm)
Sleep Surface:
  • Maximum width: 36” (91 cm)
  • Total length: 91’ (231 cm)
  • Retracted length: 78.5” (199.4 cm)
  • Mattress support width: 35” (89 cm)
  • Mattress support length: 83” (211 cm)
Overall Width:
  • Maximum width (Siderails stored/tuckaway): 36” (91 cm)
  • Maximum width (siderails up/tuckaway): 42.75” (108.6 cm)
  • Maximum width (Siderails stored/fold-down only): 40” (101.6 cm)
  • Maximum width (Siderails up/fold-down only): 42.75” (108.6 cm)
Head and Footboard Height:
  • Maximum headboard height: 48” (122 cm)
  • Maximum footboard height: 45” (114 cm)
Siderail Height:
  • Maximum height: 45” (114 cm)
Bed Clearance:
  • Minimum under-bed clearance: 4.75” (12.07 cm)
Hi-Lo Range:
  • Total Hi-Lo range: 13.25” (33.66 cm)
Bed Articulations:
  • Max head of bed elevation: 0° – 65°
  • Max knee elevation: 0° – 35°
  • Max automatic contour elevation: 0° – 15°
  • Automatic contour down: 28°
  • Automatic contour (knee): 10°
  • Maximum Trendelenburg/Reverse Trend: 11° / 11°
Weight Limit:
  • 500 lb (227 kg) maximum, 70 lb (32 kg) minimum*
*Includes mattress, IV pumps, poles, bags etc.  Accuracy of the scale may be diminished if the patient weighs more than 400 lb (181 kg).  Mattress interface pressure performance may be diminished if the patient weighs more than 300 lb (136 kg)
  • Integrated scale on footboard displaying lbs and kgs.
  • ZoneAire® Air Mattress System (Heel Relief 1, 2 & 3)
  • Patient Positioning Monitoring (PPM) system – Bed Exit
  • SideComm® nurse call and entertainment controls
  • Room/Read Lights
  • Removable IV pole
  • Wall roller bumpers (head end)