Stryker 3002 Secure II Med/Surg Hospital Bed


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Stryker’s Model 3002 Secure II is a versatile, fully electric, adjustable Med/Surg hospital bed that features an open architecture with one-hand head and foot side rails that have both caregiver and patient bed position controls, low bed height, and retractable bed frame that keeps patients comfortable regardless of bed articulation, removable head and footboards that include caregiver bed position controls and patient lockouts, an integrated one-touch scale to easily weigh the patient,  Stryker’s patented Chaperone® bed exit system and Zone Control® technology and downward motion interrupt for patient safety.  Another optional safety feature is iBed Awareness which monitors local bed status information, alerting caregivers visually, audibly or remotely if preset parameter are compromised.  This bed is an ideal choice for healthcare facilities, educational and training facilities, and home-use due to its durability, functionality, versatility and ease of use.



Additional Information

Allowable weight

up to 500 lb


Standard Configuration, non-scale, With Scale



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(1)-year parts only


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  • New Hospital Grade 84” Long x 36” wide X 6” thick foam mattress
  • Three-sided backrest (fowler)/knee gatch controls
  • Caregiver siderail controls for hi/lo, head up/head down & knee up/knee down positions
  • Patient siderail controls for backrest and knee positions
  • Caregiver footboard control panel for hi/lo, backrest (fowler), knee gatch, cardiac chair-in and chair-out, Trendelenburg and reverse trend positions as well as patient siderail control lockouts. (Optional: Integrated scale controls and display and Chaperone® Bed exit controls)
  • Removable footboard and headboard. (Headboard can be upgraded for emergency CPR.)
  • One-hand, fold-down head and foot end siderails
  • Open architecture – flat litter deck
  • StayPut Technology – Retractable bed frame
  • Automatic contour positioning
  • 6” (cm) casters
  • Four-wheel, steel brake with swivel lock system
  • Centrally-located activation pedals
  • Locking steer control caster for improved steering and mobility with activation pedal at head end of bed.
  • Downward motion interrupt
  • Night light
  • Instant CPR release
  • Four foley bag hooks
  • Foot prop rod
  • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg controls
  • Foot end digital trend and backrest (fowler) angle display)
  • Four IV pole and traction equipment socks
  • Backrest (fowler) angle gauge
  • Hospital grade power plug
  • DC motor
Overall Length: 93” (236 cm) Overall Width:
  • Siderails Up: 42.5” (108 cm)
  • Side
  • rails Down: 40” (102 cm)
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (228 kg) Height Range (to litter top):
  • High: 30” (76 cm)
  • Low (standard with 6’ casters: 16” (41 cm)
Litter Positioning:
  • Backrest: 0° – 60°
  • Knee Gatch: 0° – 40°
  • Trend/reverse Trend: ± 12°
  • Retraction: 14” (36 cm)
Patient Surface: 35” x 84” (89 cm x 213 cm) Caster Diameter:
  • Standard: 6” (15 cm)
  • Optional: 8” (20 cm)
  • Integrated one-touch scale on footboard displaying lbs and kgs with isolated foley bag hooks.
  • Chaperone® Bed Exit System
  • Chaperone® Bed Exit with Zone Control® (three levels of sensitivity)
  • Siderail communication package with outside knee gatch/backrest (fowler) – includes: nurse call, speaker, room/read light, TV/radio volume control).
  • iBed Awareness smart bed monitor
  • Permanent fold-down IV pole (head end)
  • Dual head end 2-stage
  • Removable IV pole
  • Four-inch or Eight-inch Traction Sleeves
  • Defibrillator Tray
  • Pump holder- Footboard Mount
  • 110 Volt Outlet
  • Bed Extender with Pad
  • Upright Oxygen Bottle Holder
  • Wallsaver Breakaway Wall Connector
  • Roller bumper set (head-end)
  • CPR board for Headboard