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4 Features To Look For In An Ambulance Stretcher

Ambulance Stretchers

Unlike the simple transport cots of old, today’s ambulance stretchers are sophisticated life-saving devices. They come equipped with features to enable first responders, ER, and surgical center providers to work quickly and safely while supporting patients of all weights and sizes.

When sourcing used ambulance stretchers, here are four essential features to consider.

  • Bariatric Support
  • Lightweight & Easy To Maneuver
  • Hydraulics Or Other Power Assist
  • Transformable Modes

Move & Support All Sizes Of Patients

Bariatric stretchers should have built-in safety features for both patients and providers. Aside from supporting individuals who weigh more than 300 pounds, bariatric transport stretchers generally have a lower footprint so that patients do not have to be lifted as far off the ground.

They also have strengthened handles to aid responders in transporting patients and come with extended lap belts and shoulder restraints to secure larger individuals.

Light, Maneuverable Frames

Speed is of the essence when transporting patients from the ambulance to the ER or operating room. Look for an aluminum X-frame that is lightweight yet extremely strong and shock-absorbing features to reduce the strain during the patient loading and unloading process.

Stretchers With Hydraulic Features

Manually loading and unloading patients puts responders at risk of back injury. A good transport stretcher will have an electric power assist or hydraulics to help lower and raise the bed.

Adjustability – So You Can Do Your Job

Today’s ambulance stretchers need to be easily adaptable to different situations. In some cases, patients might need to sit up, or they might need to have their lower limbs elevated while being transported in other circumstances.

Adjustable ambulance stretcher chairs can change modes very quickly for these purposes and allow better maneuverability through narrow stairwells and other tight situations.

Are Used Ambulance Stretchers Safe?

Absolutely. Refurbished medical equipment, including cots and stretchers, meet stringent safety requirements. We offer a variety of transport solutions at substantial cost savings compared to new equipment.

Order Ambulance Stretchers Nationwide

If you are looking to increase your supply of used ambulance stretchers or other high-quality medical equipment, contact Gumbo Medical, LLC today. We carry top brands such as Stryker, Hill-Rom, and Ferno. If you’re looking for a specific model, make sure to reach out. Our inventory is continually changing, and a quick phone call can be the difference between an order placed and a continued search.

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