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4 Reasons To Update Your Medical Equipment

4 Reasons To Update Your Medical Equipment

When it comes to updating medical equipment, many facilities are looking for ways to save money. One option that many purchasing departments tend to overlook is refurbished items. Used medical devices, beds, tables, and other items can be as effective as new equipment but cost less. Plus, you’re doing your part to reduce electronic waste by purchasing used. Here are four reasons to replace your outdated equipment with factory-certified refurbished items from Gumbo Medical, LLC.

  1. Provide Better Patient Care
  2. Stay Competitive
  3. Improve Efficiency
  4. Lower Maintenance Costs

1) Provide Quality Patient Care

Updated medical equipment can help you provide more efficient care to your patients. Newer technology can lead to better diagnosis and treatment, ultimately improving patient outcomes. Remember — word gets around fast on social media and online review sites, so the happier your patients are, the better it is for your bottom line.

2) Stay Competitive

In today’s rapidly-changing healthcare landscape, it’s vital to have updated equipment. Keeping in step with the latest industry advancements can give you a competitive edge. If you want to provide the best possible care for your patients and attract top talent to your medical practice, you need to replace aging equipment with state-of-the-art options. These options don’t have to be brand-new.

3) Improve Efficiency

Newer medical equipment is often more efficient than older models. Technological advances allow for more precise measurements and more accurate readings. Additionally, newer models are commonly easier to use and require less maintenance than older models. The ability to see more patients in less time can improve your bottom line.

4) Lower Maintenance Costs

The older a piece of equipment is, the more likely it will break down. Even when it can be repaired, the cost can surpass the item’s value. Although newer equipment also requires occasional maintenance, it’s usually less expensive or free when under warranty.

More Reasons To Source Used Medical Equipment

Contrary to popular belief, updated equipment doesn’t have to be purchased brand-new; in many cases, you can still obtain relatively new, highly serviceable items to replace your facility’s much older equipment. Before making a purchase, it is important to research to find a reputable dealer and understand the warranty and return policy.

  • Used medical devices can be a cost-effective solution for budget-conscious healthcare facilities.
  • With careful selection and regular maintenance, refurbished medical equipment can perform as well as brand-new items.
  • Many types of gently used medical devices are available, from basic diagnostic tools to complex surgical instruments.

Looking For Top Quality Used Medical Equipment?

At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we offer “like-new” refurbished hospital beds, exam tables, syringe pumps, and many other used medical devices at a reduced cost. We have inventory from top brands and also offer a limited warranty for our in-house refurbished products. For more information or to place an order, call today to talk with one of our sales specialists.

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