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5 Essential Equipment For Patient Movement

Patient Transportation Equipment

At Gumbo Medical, LLC we understand the need for high-quality used medical equipment across all fifty United States and internationally. We rigorously restore and refurbish all of our used equipment in-house with our knowledgeable and hands-on staff. As a result, our team can guide you through the purchasing process while providing critical information for your budgeting decisions.

Essential Equipment For Patient Movement includes:

  • Slide Sheet
  • Sit To Stand Transfer Platform—Molift Raiser Pro
  • Shifty Transfer Assist Trolley
  • Molift Mover 180 Patient Lifter
  • Molift Quick Raiser 205 Sit To Stand Hoist

Slide Sheet For Safe Patient Repositioning

It is common to need to move or reposition a patient in the bed across from side to side or sometimes by pulling them up towards the head of the bed. Slide sheets allow caregivers to do this with less effort due to the slippery nature of the material which reduces resistance and friction on surfaces. There are 2 types of these slide sheets, with the most popular being the standard small and standard large, which are available in various colors. Keep in mind that facilities aim to reduce cross-contamination between patients by using single-patient use slide sheets.

Sit To Stand Transfer Platform—Molift Raiser Pro

This equipment functions as an ergonomic platform that supports the patient’s movement in a natural and safe way from sitting to standing position. Using this platform allows the patient to also use and continue to strengthen and rehabilitate his or her own muscles. It’s great for transporting your patient for shorter distances when the caregiver isn’t sure how much assistance or support is needed. This unit is available in excellent used condition and is optimal because it supports patients with features like padded legs, and back, and hip areas and comes with a soft handle.

Shifty Transfer Assist Trolley

When your patient is able to stand, but requires assistance walking and also sitting from that standing position, transfer assist trolleys to offer a low risk of injury to the patient while demanding very little effort on the caregiver’s part. It reduces the risk of injury for the caregiver as well as encourages the patient’s mobility where possible. This equipment is also helpful for moving a patient from a seated to a standing position and refurbished Shifty Transfer Assist Trolleys are excellent for shorter distances with the patient using the brakes on this model.

Molift Mover 180 Patient Lifter

This Molift Mover works well in elder care facilities or at home. It has a high lifting range, is lightweight, and is quite comfortable. Therefore, it is ideal for moving a patient from a high bed or from the floor. Its ergonomic design features a multi-positioned handle. We can also source this piece of equipment for your hospital team in excellent used and refurbished condition.

Molift Quick Raiser 205 Sit To Stand Hoist

Molift Quick Raiser 205 Sit To Stand Hoist is an excellent complement to the 180 patient lifter and your caregiver team will appreciate its technology and maneuverability. Its ease of use, comfort, and stability make it a sought-after piece of medical equipment and it is available through our company. It works well in tighter spaces like bathrooms, yet it supports the natural movements of patients. Safety is inherent in this equipment’s design.

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