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Choosing The Right Medical Equipment For Your Operating Room

A Fully Set-Up Operating Room Using Refurbished Medical Equipment

An operating room (OR) is a place to improve and save lives—and having the right equipment is a big part of that goal. With used medical equipment, hospitals and other facilities can get more of what they need and treat more significant numbers of patients to increase quality of life. Here’s how to choose the right medical supplies and other options for your operating space.

Enjoy The Benefits Of An Optimized Space

Optimizing your space should be a big part of the process when looking for the medical supplies and surgical equipment you need. It’s crucial to make sure your OR is laid out the right way in order to have the highest possible level of efficiency. When you select the right type and size of medical equipment for that space, you can add value for everyone who uses it. Some of the most significant benefits help both employees and patients.

  • Faster Access
  • More Efficient Use
  • Ease Of Cleaning
  • Discovery Of Problems
  • Better Maintenance Access

How To Set Up An OR For Top Patient Care

Set up the OR with convenience and access in mind. Your employees should be able to move seamlessly from one station or space to another without anything being in their way and with the highest level of patient care in mind. This may mean you’ll rearrange some things before operations are performed in that room.

Have A Checklist For Refurbished Hospital Equipment

A lot of items are required in an OR, and taking stock of what your facility has and routinely uses will help you be more prepared. Having a checklist of the necessary equipment will reduce the chances of forgetting to update something or buying a duplicate item. Look for equipment that is refurbished and warrantied by a reputable company you can rely on for a surgical table, IV stands, and much more.

Focus On Necessities Like Surgical Tables & IV Stands

When you need to buy more refurbished hospital equipment and medical supplies for your space, focus on the most critical areas first. That will reduce the chances of running out of supplies you need or not having an essential piece of equipment. Then, you can fill in the gaps as older items need replacement.

Get The Quality Used Medical Equipment You Need Today

When you need refurbished hospital equipment or you’re looking for the right replacement parts, contact us at Gumbo Medical, LLC. We’re based in Las Vegas, NV, but can ship what you need nationwide or internationally for your convenience. We can help you get the quality supplies and equipment your medical professionals and patients deserve.

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