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Essential Life-Saving Hospital Equipment You Need

Essential Life-Saving Hospital Equipment You Need

Gumbo Medical, LLC sells refurbished medical equipment, our products are durable and affordable so that your facility can help more patients regardless of budgetary constraints. Our facility is currently based in Las Vegas, NV, but we’re able to ship to international customers.

Life-Sustaining Equipment That Every Hospital Needs

Mechanical Ventilators

A mechanical ventilator or respirator can sustain the life of a patient who is currently unable to breathe on their own. They are a quintessential device to help people suffering from COVID-19, pneumonia, sepsis, lung injuries, COPD, a coma, and numerous other conditions.

Dialysis Machines

Dialysis machines can filter toxins out of the blood of people with end-stage renal disease or an acute kidney injury, thus greatly increasing their life expectancy. They are indispensable life-saving devices for any hospital, nursing home, or hospice.


Defibrillators are essential for treating cardiac arrest or correcting the heart rate of someone with arrhythmia. At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we offer refurbished manual defibrillators and AEDs for affordable prices.

Vital Signs Monitors

Every medical facility needs to have vital signs monitors. There are currently numerous models on the market that can display a patient’s pulse, blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature, and more.

IV Stands

IV stands are necessary to safely hold up medication and fluid bags. We offer a variety of models equipped with wheels, rubber bumpers, and wide bases to maximize stability and mobility.

Why Choose Our Products?

At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we’ll never force you to choose between affordability and quality because our refurbished products are as good as new. Unlike most online medical equipment suppliers, we carefully clean, repair, repaint, reassemble, label, and inspect each piece of used equipment so that you don’t have to purchase expensive new equipment just to avoid jeopardizing your patients’ safety.

We Take Quality Seriously

We want to help you help as many patients as possible, which is why we take quality assurance so seriously. Our new and refurbished devices come with limited warranties. We also offer short- and long-term rental options for select products to help you meet temporary medical needs.

Affordable Medical Equipment Near You

At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we mainly carry used and refurbished hospital equipment, although we also have a limited selection of new products. Our refurbished devices are carefully repaired and inspected by a licensed biomedical technician before being shipped to your doorstep. Contact our Las Vegas facility today to speak with a specialist.

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