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4 Essential Tips For Setting Up Medical Equipment Safely & Efficiently

Someone Setting Up A Piece Of Used Medical Equipment Safely

Your facility employees and your patients deserve quality medical equipment. When you choose refurbished options, you want to understand any repair or maintenance requirements they have and purchase from a reputable company. Here are four of the most essential tips to consider so your equipment will be as safe and efficient as possible.

Proper Medical Device Setup Is Essential

Remember, the device setup is a crucial part of getting hospital equipment. Whether it’s new or used, it still has to be set up correctly and ready to go so you can rely on it when you need it most. By taking care to get everything prepared from the very beginning, you’ll reduce failure risk and increase peace of mind.

  1. Use Reliable Medical Equipment Brands
  2. Plan Out Best Location
  3. Test Out Equipment
  4. Consider Maintenance Requirements

1. Choose Reliable Used Medical Equipment

The reliability of your equipment depends on several factors, but one of the biggest is the quality of the equipment when you purchase it. If a repair was done on it incorrectly, for example, it could cause you problems in the future. Hospital beds from brands like Stryker, and stretchers from Hill-Rom, Ferno, and other quality companies can be the right choice.

2. Select The Best Location For Your Items

There are many things to consider when choosing the right location for your used medical equipment. You shouldn’t have to move items out of the way during patient-based situations or struggle to find what you need. Sometimes, there are only so many places a particular item will fit, but choosing the best possible location when setting up equipment reduces the chances of needing to move it later.

  • Consider Efficiency
  • Keep Floor Space Clear
  • Make Room For Connections
  • Allow Maintenance & Repair Space

3. Ensure Everything Works Properly

Once you have all the items in the right place, make sure they all work the way they should. If there are any issues, you want to find out before they’re needed. You can test them before they’re put in place, but trying them out again after they’re where they belong is essential.

4. Understand The Maintenance Requirements

Each device can have different specifics to be aware of when it comes to maintenance. Setting up a proper schedule for maintaining your hospital equipment is the best way to increase efficiency and value. Used medical equipment will last a long time in most cases, but it needs the proper care to do so.

Get The Hospital Equipment You Need Today

At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we provide equipment and supplies for nationwide and international medical facilities, hospitals, and other providers. With a number of reliable, refurbished products and strong customer support, you can get the quality and value you’re looking for. Not only does that make helping patients easier, but it can increase peace of mind and provide additional value for the future.

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