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4 Maintenance Factors to Consider When Buying Medical Equipment

Maintenance Factors When Buying Medical Equipment

Medical equipment expenses can be significant financial investments, and it’s important to note that upkeep costs may continue after the initial purchase. There can be maintenance as well as potential repair costs to take into consideration. Medical device purchases are a significant budget item for a host of facilities:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Assisted Living Facilities

Private individuals who may be in the market for home medical equipment should also take maintenance into consideration.

4 Maintenance Costs To Consider When Purchasing Medical Equipment

Don’t get caught off guard—consider these four factors before purchasing devices for your medical facility or clinic.

  1. Customer Support
  2. Available & Budget Conscious Parts
  3. Compliance With Standards
  4. Reliable Warranties

1. Supplier & Manufacturer Support

Ensure your equipment is from a company with a history of customer support and excellent service. Generally, companies with a lengthy industry history have built their business on quality products and superior service. While the length of time-serving customers is a terrific indication of the service and support a company provides, so do customer testimonials and how widespread a company’s customer base spans. Look for clues that indicate reliability.

2. Accessibility of Parts

Expensive or hard-to-find replacement parts can be a budget-breaker. Generally, popular brands have parts that are more frequently available. Unique or proprietary equipment may have parts that are expensive because they are unique. It is well worth the diligence to explore the availability and costs of spare parts, especially those that are likely to wear out or need replacement.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Purchasing medical equipment that is not in compliance with industry standards can be an expensive mistake. In some cases, equipment may be able to be modified or updated to reach industry and compliance standards.

4. Warranties, Guarantees, & Service Contracts

Maintenance costs can be proactively managed by carefully researching a manufacturer’s or supplier’s warranties and guarantees. In some cases, service contracts or extended warranties can be well worth the investment. This is particularly crucial with medical equipment expected to be in service for extended periods and exceptionally expensive products.

Choose A Reliable Medical Equipment Supplier

While maintenance costs will be a significant consideration in choosing a medical equipment supplier, so will their ability to serve your needs promptly and fit within your budget. Gumbo Medical LLC has served clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, and individual clients for decades. We are a Las Vegas, Nevada-based medical equipment company specializing in saving you money through high-quality, used, and refurbished medical equipment. We invite you to learn more by contacting us today.

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