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Hospital Equipment That Should Have Preventative Maintenance

Hospital Equipment That Should Have Preventative Maintenance

It takes a great many pieces of equipment to keep a hospital running smoothly. Most machines require preventative maintenance to make sure there are no gaps in patient service. Preventative maintenance can also save your institution a lot of money in repairs and replacement, save lives, and it is required by law.

Specialized Preventative Maintenance

Specialized equipment such as MRI machines or CT Machines requires an engineer to perform regular checkups. This type of machine can be extremely costly, or even dangerous if it malfunctions. Regular preventative maintenance by qualified professionals can prevent tragic occurrences and save you a ton of money in repairs and, possibly, lawsuits or fines. This kind of regular attention also extends the life of the machine, saving you money in replacement costs.

 Hospital Equipment That Requires Preventative Maintenance

Medical Equipment Maintainance

Extend the life of your equipment with expert repair and maintenance services from Gumbo Medical. If you notice wear and tear on your hospital beds and stretchers, or suspect errors in your readings – contact us. We’re your reliable source for the repair of medical equipment, hospital furnishings, and instrument restoration.

  • We Restore & Repair Equipment To “Like New” Condition
  • Parts Replacement Resources
  • Circuit Board Repairs
  • Instrument Calibration Services
  • Routine Electrical & Safety Testing With Documentation
  • Certified Biomedical Technicians
  • Satisfaction Warranty Included

When You Need A Replacement

When it comes to medical and hospital equipment sales, you want a company that stands behind its products, especially if you’re buying refurbished. At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we offer you customer service, affordability, top quality, and a limited warranty.

Let Us Help You Save Time & Money

Replace, repair, upgrade, or update with Gumbo Medical. We’re here to help you keep your practice, facility, or educational environment running smoothly and affordably without having to sacrifice quality. Contact us today to place an order or request a quote. We look forward to helping you.

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