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How To Choose The Best Hospital Bed

Choosing A Hospital Bed

Shopping for hospital beds is no easy task. There are so many outstanding options out there, that it can be difficult to choose. Here are six important criteria that should be kept in mind when choosing beds for your hospital, nursing home, birthing center, pediatric practice, or other facility, courtesy of Gumbo Medical, LLC.

  1. Type Of Patient
  2. Safety Features
  3. Patient Comfort
  4. Transport Features
  5. Ergonomics
  6. Affordability

1. The Type Of Patients You Treat

What is your primary demographic? This is one of the most important considerations when sourcing new or replacement medical beds. The requirements of an OB-GYN office or labor and delivery ward are different from a long-term nursing home.

A weight-loss surgery center will clearly require equipment with bariatric features, whereas a pediatric unit will require pediatric cribs.

2. Bed Safety Features

Rails are essential to prevent patient falls, but they can also get in the way when it’s time to do a lateral transfer. Detachable rails can protect patients while enabling caregiver access when needed.

Other safety features include adjustable height settings, repositionable bed frames, and alternative mattresses designed to help prevent bedsores and pressure injuries.

3. Maximum Patient Comfort

A comfortable bed is vital to your patients’ health as well as their customer satisfaction. Some features to look for include power features to enable the patient to adjust the bed without caregiver assistance.

Adjustable leg rests, multi-height assist rails, knee elevation, and high-low features also contribute to patient comfort. Don’t forget to add a great quality mattress.

4. Transport Features

The best hospital beds should facilitate the transport of patients between different hospital units. Casters should have brakes that can be opened and closed from either side. Motorized beds can help ensure maximum mobility as well.

5. Optimal Ergonomics

Provider safety is just as important as patient safety. Purchasing medical beds with ergonomic features will help protect your staff and make their jobs easier and more efficient.

A few features to consider include hydraulic or electric lift and bed adjustment features, a built-in weighing scale, and integrated storage compartments for oxygen tanks and other equipment.

6. Hospital Beds On A Budget

Quality medical equipment is not cheap, but you can save a substantial amount of money by buying used. Refurbished hospital beds are safe when sourced from a reliable company with a rigorous restoration process.

Hospital Beds For Sale

As a nationwide provider of refurbished medical equipment, Gumbo Medical, LLC understands the importance of patient safety and comfort. We carry Hill-Rom Versacare and Advanta beds, along with many other brand name models intended to serve a wide range of patients and facilities. Call today or use our online contact form for more information or to place your order.

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