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Keeping Babies Warm – Infant Warmers For Labor & Delivery

Infant Warmers

Newborns cannot thermoregulate or warm themselves. Infant warming devices help delicate new babies maintain their body temperature and prevent cold stress. Every medical facility catering to laboring mothers and newborn infants should have an ample supply of infant warmers and incubators – including backup units in case of equipment failure or an unexpected increase in the number of patients being admitted.

Purchasing used infant warmers and incubators from Gumbo Medical, LLC is a great way to keep your tiniest patients safe and warm without breaking the bank.

Used GE Panda iRES Warmers

One of the most innovative baby warmers on the market today is the GE Panda iRES. This state-of-the-art device has a unique recessed heater that keeps the patient warm and safe without blasting heat onto caregivers.

A space-saving design offers easy patient access and room to interact with the baby.

  • Adjustable Lights
  • Full-Color Display
  • Hands-Free Alarm Silencer
  • Integrated Scale
  • Optional SpO2 Integration

Other Refurbished Warmers & Incubators

We also carry great incubators from GE, Ohmeda, Fisher, and Drager. If you don’t see the model you’re looking for, be sure to give us a call for our latest inventory update.

  • GE Giraffe Omnibed Infant Incubator. This two-in-one device converts from incubator to radiant warmer.
  • Ohmeda Care Plus Incubator. The Ohmeda Care Plus offers an integrated microprocessor controller and superior heat regulation.
  • Fisher Paykel CosyCot Infant Warmer. This is an easy-to-move warmer great for both NICUs and delivery rooms.
  • Drager Resuscitaire Infant Warmer. This computerized unit can be configured with or without an air/oxygen blender and is well-suited for use in birthing rooms.
  • Ohmeda 3300 Infant Warmer. This is a budget-friendly choice from a trusted manufacturer.

Are Used Warmers Safe?

We only sell refurbished medical equipment after restoring them to “like new” condition. Our meticulous testing process ensures that the items you purchase from us are absolutely safe for use in your medical facility.

  • Hospitals
  • NICUs
  • Birthing Centers
  • Labor & Delivery Rooms
  • Mother-Baby Rooms
  • Newborn Nurseries
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Units

Order Used Incubators & Infant Warmers

Even if you are a couple of thousand miles away from our Las Vegas warehouse, you can still purchase used incubators and infant warmers from Gumbo Medical, LLC. We ship nationwide. Give us a call today or use our handy online contact form. Our medical supply specialists are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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