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10 Types Of Medical Equipment All Hospitals Need

Affordable Essential Hospital Equipemt

Hospitals are continually cycling through and replacing essential equipment. Old machines, stretchers, beds, and other items are damaged or wear out over time. A few items like mattresses must be bought new for health and safety reasons.

Why not reduce upkeep costs while maintaining your standards of quality with used medical equipment? At Gumbo Medical, we’ve put together 10 types of vital medical equipment that your hospital can save money on by choosing used.

1. Hospital Beds

The best hospital beds provide both comfort to patients and functionality to medical providers. Choose our Hill-Rom or Stryker refurbished beds for features like bariatric support, easy to use controls, and optimal maneuverability.

2. Stretchers & Chairs

Hospitals, EMCs, and other emergency facilities need to keep an adequate supply of a variety of stretchers on hand. Our ever–changing inventory includes equipment by Wy-East, Ferno, Hill-Rim, and Stryker for a variety of specialties. We can even supply you with new stretcher mattresses or custom-sized pads to replace worn-out ones.

  • Transport Stretchers
  • OB/GYN Stretchers
  • Trauma & E/R Stretchers
  • Bariatric Stretchers
  • Eye Stretchers
  • Fluoroscopy Stretchers

3. AEDs & Defibrillators

Every response team needs to have an adequate supply of AEDs and training devices on hand. Access to and proper use of these items could mean the difference between life and death in a cardiac emergency. As long as you obtain them from a factory-certified refurbishing company, used defibrillators and AEDs can be as safe and effective as new models.

4. Exam & Surgical Tables

Exam tables are essential in every medical setting. Surgical table are made to give you access to vital areas while keeping patients safe and comfortable. You can afford more than just the basics. Look for high-low features, bariatric support, ergonomic design, and asepsis features to support and improve your patient care capabilities.

5. Syringe & Infusion Pumps

Administer precisely dosed medications with syringe and infusion pumps. Factory-certified refurbished pumps are great for If you are hospitals on a budget. They offer the same precise dispensing capability as more expensive new models.

6. EKG Machines

Make sure you always have the facts you need to act quickly. EKG machines record cardiac electrical activity and track heart rhythm to keep you informed. Like all of our used medical equipment, refurbished EKG machines offer a safe, cost-effective solution.

7. Vital Signs Monitors

Patient conditions can change in an instant. Enable your nursing staff to track each patient’s vital signs efficiently and affordably. Used medical monitoring equipment allow you the versatility to spot check or continuously track.

8. Incubators

Every delivery suite and special care infant unit needs infant care equipment. Our inventory of used incubators, cribs, bassinets, and radiant warmers can keep you supplied. Browse models with top-of-the-line features for an all-in-one neonatal care solution.

9. Compression Devices

Does your medical center treat elderly patients? Sequential compression devices can help when high-risk conditions are present. Make sure you have these devices on hand for those who are obese or have a history of thromboembolism.

10. Medical Carts & Tables

Even the simplest hospital rooms need tables. Portable trays and carts keep the things you need accessible and on the move. We carry high-capacity wheeled medical carts, overbed tables, and versatile bedside cabinets.

Cut Costs, Not Care With Used Medical Equipment

Gumbo Medical, LLC is a nationwide supplier of quality used hospital equipment. We understand the pressures that purchasing departments are under during these busy times. Our refurbished medical equipment is carefully tested to ensure like new condition. Call today for a quote, to check our latest inventory, or to place an order.

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