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Medical Equipment For Better Bariatric Patient Care

Better Bariatric Care

Having sufficient equipment on hand to treat patients of any size is a must for any medical facility. As obesity rates continue to rise, it’s essential to be able to provide top-notch care for severely overweight patients, not just to keep them safe during examination and treatment, but to afford them adequate levels of comfort as well.

Sourcing used bariatric equipment from Gumbo Medical, LLC is a great way to increase your supply of bariatric stretchers and other items while keeping purchasing costs down.

  • Bariatric Stretchers
  • Bariatric Hospital Beds
  • Bariatric Exam Chairs
  • Bariatric Surgical Tables

Obesity Rates Are Continuing To Increase

Obesity is an ever-growing epidemic in the U.S. In the early part of this century, an estimated 30% of Americans were categorized as clinically obese, a figure that is very alarming in itself. However, a CDC fact sheet published in 2021 showed that the obesity rate had skyrocketed to just over 42% of adult Americans in 2017-2018, with 9.2% meeting the criteria for severe obesity.

Be Prepared To Treat Heavy Patients

Because being severely overweight is related to many severe medical conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and other illnesses, these patients can become repeat visitors to your facility. Patient satisfaction is as important in the medical business as customer satisfaction is in other industries.

It stands to reason that hospitals and surgical centers need to have an adequate supply of bariatric medical equipment on hand to keep obese patients both safe and happy, so they don’t seek treatment somewhere else in the future.

What Makes Hospital Equipment Bariatric?

There is no nationwide standard that defines how medical equipment should be designed to handle morbidly obese patients. As a rule of thumb, such equipment needs to accommodate individuals weighing more than 300 pounds. Ideally, you should look to purchase items that can safely transport and support patients in the 400-500 pound weight category, or even higher.

Essential Comfort & Safety Features

Bariatric beds, stretchers, and exam chairs are generally heavy-duty and extra wide. They should include fully adjustable hydraulic or electric lift features, enabling them to be lowered closer to the floor and allowing patients to be lifted or adjusted in position without risking injury to either the patient or the caregiver.

Where To Purchase Used Bariatric Equipment

Gumbo Medical, LLC is a nationwide supplier of refurbished used medical equipment. Many of our bariatric stretchers, exam tables, surgical chairs, and hospital beds are designed to support heavier patients. For more information, call today or use our online contact form to discuss your needs with one of our specialists

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