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Nursing Home Beds Vs. Hospital Beds – What’s The Difference?

Hospital Beds

When choosing furniture and equipment for a new nursing home or extending the available care at your hospital, you will eventually have to shop for medical care beds. But what is the difference between nursing home beds and hospital beds? Is there a difference? Learn more, so you make the right choice for both your patients and providers.

Nursing Home Bed Features

Nursing home beds, also called long-term beds, can come in a variety of sizes. This is because where a patient typically uses hospital models for a few hours or maybe a few days, nursing home furniture is paired with the resident for the extent of their stay — which generally averages to around 28 months. So you buy for the patient.

In fact, most of the features you’ll see on nursing home beds are oriented for patient comfort and use. You will typically have height adjustments and comfortable mattresses. Additional accessories can be added like: rails, over bed tables, safety locks, and wall bumpers.

Not One Size Fits All
High / Low Positioning
May Or May Not Have Rails
Made For Extended Use In One Place

Hospital Bed Features

Hospital beds, also referred to as general medical or surgical beds, are the most common type of healthcare beds. They are built to be fully adjustable to keep patients comfortable and safe and give attending physicians maximum accessibility. They also often feature patient control features like exit alarms and adjustable rails.

Hospital beds will generally come in one size as they will be used across a great variety of patients and patient needs’. Larger, bariatric-friendly models are available. Specialty designs are also available to provide maneuverability and access for specific types of procedures.

Here are a few features included in the Hill-Rom Total Care model and many of the other models we carry.

  • Hydraulic & Manual Controls – For Easy Positioning
  • Siderail Controls & HandsFree™ Foot Controls
  • Caregiver Control Graphical Interface
  • Exit Alarm
  • Integrated Scale Functions
  • Three Chair Positions
  • FlexAfoot™ Retractable Foot Mechanism

Could You Use Hospital Beds in a Nursing Home?

Absolutely. Our used hospital beds can be used in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, assisted living apartments, and rehab facilities. Each bed is refurbished to like-new condition and comes with a brand-new mattress.

We also offer patient room packages so that you can furnish your facility quickly, efficiently, and affordably with the best equipment for the best care.

Shop Affordable Hospital Beds

We can help you choose affordable medical equipment that works for you, place your order, and ship it to you nationwide. Browse our inventory or contact us at Gumbo Medical today to learn more about our available used hospital bed selection.

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