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How To Outfit An Emergency Crash Cart

How To Outfit An Emergency Crash Cart

Choose Gumbo Medical for emergency crash carts if you’re looking for durable and affordable options when purchasing this essential piece of equipment for your healthcare facility. The best way for your team to be prepared in an emergency situation is to have a fully stocked and maintained crash cart. Whether your facility treats emergency patients on a regular basis or not, you should have one or more mobile ER crash stations should you encounter a patient in distress.

Setting Up Your Crash Cart

There may be state or federal guidelines you can follow depending on your service area, but we have a few suggestions for stocking your emergency crash cart that could mean the difference between life and death in a situation where every second counts. You’ll thank yourself later for having these necessities on hand when you’re trying to save a life.

  • Vital Sign Monitors
  • IV Equipment
  • Defibrillator
  • Intubation Supplies & Airway Management
  • Supplies For Wound Care
  • Miscellaneous Emergency Medications

Crash Carts For Every Medical Practice

Whether you’re a dermatologist, a pediatrician, or an urgent care facility, you should have a fully stocked crash cart if you practice medicine. Emergencies can and will happen anywhere at any time. Having supplies and adequate equipment in one place can save precious time in these scenarios. For example, if someone experiences an allergic reaction, a heart attack, or maybe even a stroke, you can administer the best medical treatment available until emergency services arrive.

Used Hospital Equipment That’s Like New

At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we not only sell medical carts but also have the equipment needed to stock those crash carts. Whether you’re in the market for a refurbished defibrillator or vital sign monitors, we can help you find what you need to be prepared for any emergency. Our refurbished medical equipment can help your practice cut down on expenses without sacrificing your standards of care or patient comfort. Buying refurbished medical equipment from the source is a great way to get high-quality products that are as good as new.

Emergency Crash Cart Essentials

Outfitting your crash cart from Gumbo Medical, LLC is an essential way for your team to stay prepared for any situation that may arise at your facility. Relying on quality equipment to diagnose and treat patients in emergency situations can save you precious time in a tense situation and having everything you need on hand with an ER cart will make a huge difference in the way your team addresses urgent patient care. Contact us today for more information on purchasing used medical carts and other refurbished medical equipment.

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