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How Patient Comfort Helps Patient Retention

Patient Comfort Helps Patient Retention

While many factors go into the patient retention equation, one aspect is often overlooked: patient comfort. In fact, 25 percent of patients cite “feeling uncomfortable” as a reason for avoiding medical care. Gumbo Medical, LLC takes a closer look at what it means in the context of their experience—and why it matters. We’ll also share how to boost comfort in your hospital, medical clinic, or other healthcare setting.

What Is Patient Comfort?

The concept of comfort is both complex and dynamic. While it’s sometimes thought of as the “absence of pain,” it involves more than that. More specifically, research indicates that there are four different “senses of comfort” for patients:

  • Relief From Emotional & Physical Pain
  • Enhanced Feelings Of Safety & Positivity
  • Feeling Confident & In Control
  • Feeling Cared For, Valued, & Positively Connected To People & Place

Why Patient Comfort Matters

It’s associated with a multitude of advantages—and not just for patients, either. From the effect on their families to the healthcare workers they interact with, all stakeholders benefit, including in the following ways:

  • Better Healthcare Outcomes: When people feel comfortable, they recover faster and enjoy better outcomes.
  • Improved Overall Satisfaction: Pleasant environments make for pleasant experiences. Even the simplest touches like sweatpants and warm socks go a long way—not just for improving comfort but for enhancing the overall perception of their time in the hospital. In turn, this leads to other benefits, including better satisfaction scores, higher retention rates, and even less work for staff with happier patients.
  • It’s The Right Thing To Do: With more healthcare workers seeking purposeful work, keeping the focus on care can be a preventative measure against burnout and turnover. People in caregiving professions like healthcare want to know they’re making a difference and that the people they care for are as content as possible.

The Best Hospital Beds Boost Patient Comfort

Patients spend a lot of time in hospital beds—which is why outfitting your medical office with high-quality hospital beds and stretchers is vital to improving comfort. From state-of-the-art surgical beds designed to optimize rest to highly maneuverable transport stretchers, Gumbo Medical, LLC offers an extensive selection of refurbished medical beds and stretchers, including exam tables, birthing beds, pediatric beds, and more.

Improve Patient & Staff Retention With Supplies From Gumbo Medical, LLC

In addition to being more comfortable for patients, these reconditioned beds also offer improved functionality for healthcare employees. The result? Better retention rates for patients and employees alike. To start improving care at your medical clinic or other healthcare operation, shop for the best used hospital beds, stretchers, furniture, and medical equipment at Gumbo Medical, LLC today.

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