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Essential Pediatric Medical Equipment

Pediatric Medical Equipment

As a responsible hospital or doctor’s office, you are always looking for ways to improve the quality of care you provide for your patients, including infants and children. One way to do this is by ensuring that you have high-quality pediatric medical equipment to serve young patients’ needs. From beds and stretchers to ventilators and infusion pumps, adult-sized medical equipment isn’t always safe for children. But not to worry — Gumbo Medical, LLC stands ready to meet your juvenile medical equipment purchasing needs.

Used Infant Warmers & Incubators

Maternity wards, birthing centers, and general hospitals cannot be without warmers and incubators. Infant warmers provide a consistent and controlled temperature for babies. On the other hand, incubators provide a more controlled environment for babies who need close monitoring. Both warmers and incubators are essential for the care of premature babies and help to ensure their safety.

Refurbished Cribs & Bassinets

Ensuring a safe sleeping environment for infants is critical. Medical cribs and bassinets provide a safe, comfortable place for babies to sleep and rest while incorporating features that assist the caregiving team. They can also be used for newborns who need to be kept under close observation. Both cribs and bassinets are essential tools for hospitals and birthing centers to have on hand.

Used Pediatric Beds & New Mattresses

Children are not simply miniature adults, and their bodies respond differently to injury, disease, and illness. Pediatric beds and mattresses are designed to provide the extra support that growing bones need and added comfort to help reduce the child’s anxiety. They also feature added safety features, such as guards to prevent young patients from rolling out of bed.

Refurbished Crib Stretchers

Crib stretchers help keep the infant or child in a comfortable position during transport. They are usually made from soft materials that are gentle on the skin, and they can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate different sizes of children. They also typically have straps that help keep the child in place and provide a safe and comfortable way to transport young patients. Crib stretchers can also help protect small patients from injury during medical procedures.

Used Ventilators For Children

Pediatric and adult ventilators both deliver oxygen to the lungs and help remove carbon dioxide from the body, but they also have key differences. For example, pediatric ventilators are smaller and have different settings to account for the unique needs of children. In addition, pediatric ventilators have special features to monitor a child’s heart rate and breathing patterns. So, while pediatric and adult ventilators may look similar, they are designed to meet the specific needs of their patients.

New Pediatric Carts

When it comes to medical carts, there are a few key differences between those designed for pediatrics and those meant for adults. For one thing, pediatric carts are often smaller in size, making them more maneuverable and easier to use in tighter spaces. They also tend to have more compartments and drawers, which helps to keep supplies organized and within reach. In addition, pediatric medical carts often come equipped with special features like built-in scales and height-adjustable work surfaces.

Used Infusion Pumps

Pediatric infusion pumps are smaller and lighter than standard infusion pumps, making them easier to transport. Additionally, pediatric pumps often have special features, such as the ability to deliver micro-doses of medication into tiny bodies. These features make pediatric infusion pumps an essential tool in the care of children and infants.

Are You Looking For Affordable Pediatric Medical Equipment?

If you’re in the market for affordable pediatric medical equipment, Gumbo Medical, LLC is here to help. We have a wide variety of high-quality used items to choose from, and our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our selection and discuss your purchasing needs.

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