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Refurbished Vs. Used Medical Equipment

Refurbished Vs Used Medical Equipment

If you’re tasked with buying medical equipment for your hospital, assisted living community, or another medical facility, you may wonder whether you should buy new or used. You might feel more confident with something new, but you could stretch your facility’s budget much further if you purchase used.

Is There A Difference Between Used And New Medical Gear?

There is a third option you can choose from when you’re trying to decide whether to buy new or used medical equipment. That third option is buying refurbished, and it can be an even better choice.

When you choose refurbished equipment, you can get the best of both worlds by purchasing equipment that acts like new but is priced closer to used counterparts.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Refurbished means restored, and many manufacturers refurbishing processes that are among the best in the healthcare industry. The general refurbishing process involves several steps to take used machines and gear and make them nearly as good as new again. Then you can purchase those supplies with confidence, knowing they will provide what you need.

By the time it’s available for you to buy for your hospital, nursing home, or another medical facility, refurbished medical equipment will have been treated in several ways.

  • Thoroughly Inspected
  • Completely Disassembled
  • Fully Cleaned
  • Completely Repaired
  • Freshly Painted
  • Carefully relabeled
  • Fully reassembled
  • Thoroughly inspected again before being ready for sale.

The refurbishing process makes it easy to catch any problems with the machines so that those issues can be corrected. That gives purchasers a chance to get what they need, know that it’s in good shape, and find what’s affordable. It’s an excellent combination if you’re looking for more items to help patients heal faster and get the care they need.

Why Purchase Refurbished Medical Equipment?

While you could purchase new and pay more money, or buy used and take a risk on the quality, it’s easy to see that the middle-ground choice of buying refurbished medical equipment is an excellent option. Purchasing refurbished medical supplies can help you save money and invest in your growth.

  • Invest in much-needed upgrades or replacements for your facility
  • Save money on your overall purchasing needs
  • Purchase more items than buying new
  • Feel confident about the value you’re receiving
  • Help protect the planet by reducing wasted products
  • Get high-quality products that might not be affordable for new

Find High-Quality Refurbished Medical Equipment Today

Ready to select high-quality, refurbished medical equipment for your hospital, doctor’s office, or another facility? Reach out to Gumbo Medical today and get the supplies you need and can rely on. You can buy with confidence when you work with a trusted provider of refurbished machines and tools today.

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