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Repairing Vs. Replacing Medical Equipment

Repair Replace Medical Equipment

At Gumbo Medical, LLC we restore and refurbish much-needed high-quality medical equipment for distribution in all fifty states and worldwide. There will be times when medical facilities and individuals want to purchase new gear, but how do you decide not to buy brand new?

  • Compare Cost Of Repair vs. Replacement
  • When Medical Equipment Goes Obsolete
  • Good Maintenance Partners Can Offer Wise Counsel
  • Keep Logs & Save With Service Contracts

Compare The Cost Of Repair Vs. Replacement

Maintaining your tools may cost more than replacing them, so most facilities need to weigh that. When you’re spending thousands of dollars to repair a unit, it’s time to look at the cost of replacing it. When the annual cost of keeping a piece of medical equipment is approaching the replacement cost, that is one of the indicators that hospitals look at in their decision-making process. Replacement with a refurbished piece may stretch a facility’s budget.

When Medical Equipment Goes Obsolete

Many devices and equipment run the risk of becoming obsolete, and some have a shorter shelf life than others. A medical manufacturer may notify hospitals and medical facilities that they’ll soon stop producing parts for your four-year-old equipment. So you’ll have to scout other sources, and the availability of good quality replacement parts could determine how long you hang onto that equipment or are forced to upgrade sooner than you’d planned.

Good Maintenance Partners Can Offer Wise Counsel

Get second and third opinions on whether or not your equipment needs to be tossed or simply repaired. There may be several replacement options and having a newer, refurbished model could save you money instead of falling prey to the biased advice of the salesman. Also, a maintenance partner will help you to dispose of the old materials and tools in a cost-effective way.

Keep Logs & Save With Service Contracts

Set up an annual service contract for the machines you rely on and save money on those weekend emergencies and other expensive repair calls. When medical equipment goes down, you need reliable maintenance and quick response times by companies that won’t price gouge. Repair techs on service contracts often tell the client if they notice anything else that needs attention when they come out on a call. Keep good records of each piece of equipment and notice the frequency of repairs that could indicate the need for replacement.

Find Your Ideal Refurbished Medical Equipment Today

At Gumbo Medical, LLC we understand the need for high-quality used medical equipment that supports your mission. Save up to 40% on our in-house refurbished, restored medical equipment, hospital beds, and furniture. We ship used medical inventory direct to all 50 states and also internationally. Call us today because having a reputable repair company could be a lifesaver for your company.

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