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Is It Time To Replace Your Hospital Bed Mattress?

Buy New Hospital Mattresses

When it comes time to replace old, worn-out, or damaged hospital bed mattresses, purchase new ones from Gumbo Medical, LLC. The FDA recommends that medical facilities inspect and maintain all patient mattress carefully as part of a medical equipment maintenance protocol.

Mattresses and covers should be labeled and tracked to monitor age, warranty, expected remaining life span, and current condition. Be sure to regularly and thoroughly check for any visible signs of damage.

  • Cuts
  • Pinholes
  • Tears
  • Snags
  • Punctures
  • Cracking
  • Fluid Ingress
  • Stains & Odors On The Inner Core

Are Your Beds Harboring Pathogens?

Worn out, or damaged medical bed covers can allow blood and body fluids to penetrate the mattress, leading to a higher risk of patient infection. Multiple studies have found that dangerous pathogens, including C. difficile and MRSA, can thrive inside old hospital mattresses.

Any equipment that fails inspection should be replaced ASAP.

High-Quality For Patient Comfort & Safety

Having high-quality hospital mattresses and pads isn’t just a matter of patient comfort, although that is undoubtedly a very important feature. Bedridden patients are often at risk of developing pressure sores. Worn-out pads that do not provide adequate patient support will only increase that risk.

Name Brands & Custom Options

We stock mattresses and bed pads from leading manufacturers, like Hill-Rom, Pedigo, Stryker, Wy’East, and Proactive. We also offer custom sizing options to meet your needs.

  • Hospital Bed Mattress 80″ – 84″
  • Bassinet Pads
  • Stretcher Mattresses
  • Crib Mattress
  • U-Cut Pad Sets – Air & Non-Air
  • V-Cut Pad Sets – Air & Non-Air
  • OB/GYN Pad Sets

Order New Hospital Mattresses & Bed Pads

Gumbo Medical, LLC is a leading seller of refurbished medical equipment and brand-new mattresses and pads. We can also customize safe, durable, and easy-to-clean options in sizes to fit your NICU cribs or EMS stretchers. Contact us to learn more or place your order today.

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