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Should You Repair Or Replace Your Hospital Beds

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Hospital Beds

Repairing or replacing beds as problems arise is crucial to keeping your hospital or other medical facility operating optimally. Having fewer beds on the floor leaves you at a higher risk of reaching capacity and being forced to turn away patients, while damaged equipment left in service could lead to patient injury and lawsuits.

As a nationwide supplier of used medical equipment, including refurbished hospital beds, Las Vegas, Nevada-based Gumbo Medical, LLC also offers hospital equipment refurbishment, repair, and maintenance services that can help keep your existing medical equipment in service for as long as possible.

When Should A Hospital Bed Be Replaced?

When a hospital bed is out for repair, fewer patients can be served. Having spare inventory on hand in the interim allows you to keep operating at max capacity. In some cases, a bed may be too old or have problems that are not cost-effective to fix, in which case you may need to replace it permanently. Here are some things to consider when deciding on repair vs. replacement.

  • How old is the frame? The average frame has a lifespan of 10-15 years.
  • How severe is the damage? Many parts can be repaired and replaced individually without having to discard the entire bed.
  • How frequently does this particular bed require repair? If documentation shows that you are spending much more on maintenance for a specific piece of equipment than others, replacing it may make financial sense.

Repairing Hospital Beds

Medical beds include a lot of technology and moving parts, which require regular service. Leaving a malfunctioning item in use can result in injury to both patients and caregivers. Regular inspections and servicing should be carried out by a qualified technician, while staff who identify any issues in the meantime should report the problem immediately to the appropriate department. In many cases, hospital bed issues can be resolved without requiring a total replacement.

Repairable Issues

  • Failed Electronic Components
  • Malfunctioning Junction Boxes
  • Power Leads
  • Handsets
  • Control Panels
  • Brakes & Castors
  • Damaged Bed Rails
  • Sensors & Alarms
  • Tilt & Lifting Mechanisms

Hospital Bed Maintenance

Only trained biomedical technicians and service engineers should take on hospital equipment repair and refurbishment. A service technician will visually inspect the equipment, checking the rails, frame, base, castors, brakes, and other hardware for missing bolts, failing parts, etc. They will test the electric and electronic components to ensure they work properly and don’t have signs of damage. Some repairs may be performed on-site; in other cases, a faulty item may need to be repaired at the contracted service center.

Las Vegas Hospital Bed Repair Service

In many cases, medical equipment needs a facelift rather than outright replacement. Conveniently located in the Las Vegas, NV metropolitan area, Gumbo Medical, LLC can perform equipment calibration as well as documented electrical and safety testing on your hospital equipment. We also have used hospital beds for sale and also carry new mattresses for when it’s time for an outright replacement. Contact us today by phone or online to discuss your medical equipment needs.

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