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Top 5 Best Medical Stretcher Brands & Manufacturers

Best Medical Stretcher Brands

We don’t usually think of stretchers as critical health care equipment, but finding the right option of the right quality makes a significant difference in clinical outcomes.

For example, the ability to set a bed in an ambulance at the emergency medical responder’s knee height has a measurable benefit for survival after CPR. Lowering the stretcher also reduces the responder’s fatigue.

Stretchers Offer Several Key Benefits

CPR for cardiac arrest in the hospital is more effective when performed on a stretcher in the ER and wards. Hydraulic support systems reduce fatigue from carrying individuals up and down stairs, compared to a cot or a gurney. The tension on shoulder straps affects the ability to give continuous CPR while transporting a patient. There are isolation options for transporting individuals with contagious illnesses like COVID or Ebola.

Most Stretchers Fall Into Five Categories

  1. Bariatric stretchers can carry people weighing up to 700 lbs (317.5 kg) and can come with full-length x-ray cassette access from head to foot.
  2. Modern fluoroscopy stretchers are designed for access without sacrificing safety. They are designed to minimize the need to reposition the individual during the imaging procedure while maintaining full-length accessibility by the C-arm. In addition, their design does not leave out helpful details like dual foot controls and fold-down side rails.
  3. Transport stretchers don’t always come with four wheels. However, there are transport options with the fifth wheel for added steering power. Brakes on all four casters stop swivel and rotation from securing the patient.
  4. Trauma stretchers come with full-length cassette access to avoid any need to move the patient to take x-rays.
  5. Eye stretchers offer enhanced head-end clearance to allow precise surgery for delicate procedures.

Refurbished Stretchers From the Best Manufacturers

1. Stryker makes products for stability.

  • Fifth Wheel For Easier Cornering And Better Traction
  • Central Locking Brakes
  • Fold-Down Sides

2. Hill-Rom focuses on preventing pressure injuries.

  • Choice Of Pressure Redistribution Surfaces
  • Patient Hand Protection With Side Rail Bumpers

3. Ferno makes selections for extricating patients from tight spaces.

  • Horizontal And Vertical Lifting Capacity
  • Manual Cot Retention
  • Compatibility With Stryker Cots

4. Birkova features seven sizes of pads.

  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Latex-Free

5. WyEast products transport patients without lifting.

  • Moves Patient From Bed To Stretcher Without Lifting
  • Transports Patient In Either A Seated Or Reclining Position

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