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Transport Stretchers Vs. Stretcher Chairs

Transport Stretchers Vs. Stretcher Chairs

Regardless of what type of medical facility you work for, it’s vital to have the proper medical equipment on hand for every job. Depending on your healthcare business’s nature, you may need to invest in transport stretchers, stretcher chairs, or both to keep patients moving and care fast and flexible.

Moving Patients Safely & Efficiently

A good transport stretcher gets patients where they need to be quickly and safely. Ease of use and maneuverability around corners are essential features to look for. The best patient transportation devices are designed with both patient and caregiver safety in mind.

Purchasing Used Can Save You Money

Gumbo Medical, LLC is a nationwide supplier of quality refurbished hospital equipment. Our top brand used transport stretchers offer an economical solution to stretch your ASC or other facility’s purchasing budget.

The Advantages of Stretcher Chairs

A step up from regular transport stretchers, stretcher chairs are multi-function devices. You can easily move patients from the waiting room to O.R. with little inconvenience. They provide a safe patient surface for certain types of procedures.

These mobile treatment chairs are ideal for use in surgery centers and compact settings where traditional transport equipment may be awkward or difficult to move around.

Stretcher chairs may include motorized controls, bariatric patient support, height adjustment, and support of both Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positions.

Specialty & Surgical Chairs

Features will vary depending on the specialty; for instance, a good eye stretcher chair may have an articulating enhanced-clearance headpiece to allow for precise surgical positioning, while an OB-GYN stretcher chair must include features that facilitate pelvic exams.

Many medical centers and specialties use surgical stretcher chairs to enable medical procedures.

  • EMS
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiology/Fluoroscopy
  • OB-GYN

Save With Refurbished Stretchers

Name brand doesn’t have to come at a top price. Buying used hospital equipment, including stretcher chairs, can save your facility money without sacrificing quality.

Order Affordable Medical Equipment

If you are in the market for quality refurbished transport stretchers or stretcher chairs, contact us at Gumbo Medical, LLC today. We have convenient payment terms and direct shipping options throughout the U.S.

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