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Uses Of Syringe Pumps And Why They Are Essential

Uses Of Syringe Pumps And Why They Are Essential

Is your care facility looking to acquire more syringe pumps? If so, purchasing used pumps and other essential pieces of used medical equipment from Las Vegas-based Gumbo Medical, LLC can help stretch your budget without sacrificing the quality of care.

Benefits Of Syringe & Infusion Pumps

Syringe pumps dispense precise and accurate doses of fluids, medications, blood, and blood products. This allows caregivers to provide safer and more efficient services. Receiving continuous treatment without taking medicine orally or via injection is more comfortable for the patient and lowers the risk of over or under-medication.

  • Easy to program & operate
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Ensure accurate dosing
  • Ambulatory models available
  • Multiple Routes Of Administration (Intravenous; Intra-Arterial; Epidural; Subcutaneous)

Dispense Meds & Fluids Safely & Effectively

We only use trained biomedical technicians to restore our used syringe and infusion pumps according to a rigorous protocol. You can trust our equipment to work “like new” to administer life-saving treatment.

  • Insulin
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemotherapy
  • Epidural infusions
  • Pain relief meds
  • Blood/blood products

Are Used Syringe Pumps Safe?

Although the needles and syringes are single-use items, used pumps themselves are generally safe, as long as you purchase them from a reliable company. All of our professionally refurbished medical equipment is restored and calibrated to operate just like new equipment but at a much lower cost. Items also come with a limited one-year warranty, unless otherwise specified.

Check Out Our Selection Of Used Syringe Pumps

At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we carry a variety of inventory from Alaris, Medfusion, Baxter, and B. Braun. We have affordable models to suit the dosing needs of all ages and sizes of patients, from neonates to adults.

Maintenance Plans Available

Gumbo Medical, LLC offers maintenance plans and repair services for all kinds of medical equipment, including syringe pumps. Calibration and testing, battery replacement, bezel, and latch repair, cleaning, and other preventative maintenance are key to extending the life of your equipment. We can also fix or replace faulty motors and drives.

Nationwide Supplier Of Used Syringe Pumps

If you’re ready to place an order or want more information about any of the refurbished syringe pumps we carry, call Gumbo Medical, LLC, in Las Vegas, NV, and ask to speak to one of our sales specialists. We can ship anywhere in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, and we also ship to international locations, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.

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