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What Makes A Great Stretcher Mattress

Great Stretcher

If your hospital, medical practice, or EMS company is looking to increase your supply of stretcher mattresses, Gumbo Medical, LLC can help. We are a nationwide supplier of quality used and new medical equipment, including used stretchers and brand-new, customizable stretcher pads.

We can fit various equipment sizes and budgets, and our products include a range of health and safety supporting features, but what makes a great stretcher mattress in the first place? We’ve put together a list of features to help you choose.

  • Bariatric Support
  • Custom Sizes
  • Antimicrobial Features
  • Durable Materials
  • Static Resistant
  • Attractive Pricing

Support For Bariatric Patients

Regardless of its purpose, no stretcher is complete without a comfortable and supportive mattress. At a minimum, standard hospital equipment should support at least 300 lbs.

Having one or more stretchers with bariatric features to transport up to 1000 lbs will be even more helpful in treating and transporting your heaviest patients.

Mattresses For All Sizes Of Stretchers

Gone are the days of steel pole-topped canvases with a thin cushion. Today’s stretchers run the gamut of functionality from first response, procedure, recovery, and transport devices used in eye surgery, OB-GYN practices, and more.

We carry new custom pads to fit many different stretcher types, even if they are not a standard size.

Antimicrobial Stretcher Pads

Ordinary mattresses can be hotbeds of germs, but preventing the spread of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in a medical environment is clearly of the utmost priority. When shopping for stretcher mattress pads, be sure to look for antifungal, antibacterial, stain, and tear-resistant features to prevent dangerous microbes from breeding and spreading.

Although most used medical equipment is safe and budget-friendly, mattresses and stretcher pads should always be purchased in new condition and cleaned and serviced regularly.

Durable Materials For Different Specialties

As a long-time medical equipment supplier, we understand that the types of stretchers and mattresses you require will vary according to your type of medical practice and the patients you serve. For this reason, we carry mattresses and pads made out of different materials with different features.

  • Innerspring – For Short-Term Use
  • Alternating Pressure Relief – Helps With Bedsore Relief & Air Circulation
  • Foam Prevention – To Help Prevent Bedsores
  • Lateral Rotation – For Patients Who Can’t Shift Themselves.
  • Medical Air – Similar To Alternating Pressure Relief

Consider Static Resistant Mattresses

Static electricity doesn’t just cause annoying little shocks to your skin. It can compromise delicate electronic equipment in a medical environment, including devices built into sophisticated stretchers and beds. This, in turn, can potentially affect patient care.

Consider sourcing mattresses and pads with anti-static features to help prevent this type of problem.

Nationwide Source Of Stretchers & Pads

Gumbo Medical, LLC is here to serve you. Whether you are looking for used Stryker stretchers, new mattresses, or other refurbished medical equipment, we invite you to give us a call today to discuss your budget and purchasing needs with one of our sales specialists. We look forward to hearing from you.

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