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What To Do With Your Gently Used Medical Equipment?

What To Do With Your Gently Used Medical Equipment?

If you are wondering what to do with your gently used medical equipment, contact Gumbo Medical LLC. We buy many different types of used hospital and other medical equipment to repair and refurbish it for resale to other customers. Selling your items to us saves you time and earns you money that you can put towards your future purchasing budget.

We Make Las Vegas Area “House Calls”

Selling to us is a relatively easy and fast process. For businesses in or near Las Vegas, we can come directly to you to inspect and make an offer on your used stretchers, hospital beds, and other equipment.

If you choose to accept the offer, we will pay you directly and arrange for pickup. What could be easier?

Why Sell To Gumbo Medical?

There are many reasons why you should consider selling your gently used medical equipment rather than storing, trashing, or donating it.

  • Storing used medical implements takes a lot of space.
  • The longer stored items sit, the more dust they will collect and the more they will depreciate.
  • Selling is a lot of work; for each item you wish to sell, someone will need to research the value, take care of advertisements, field offers, and take care of payment and delivery.
  • When selling old items, you also need to consider warranty and liability issues.
  • Trashing old equipment means adding to landfills.
  • Some computerized equipment may contain hazardous materials, and it may be illegal to throw them into landfills.
  • Many organizations may not accept donations of used medical equipment due to liability concerns.

We Can Appraise & Make You An Offer Today

If you are ready to sell some of your surplus items such as beds, stretchers, and exam equipment, contact Gumbo Medical, LLC. We can let you know the actual value of your items. If you have broken equipment, we can also check it to see if it is repairable and estimate repair costs or make you an offer.

Selling to us can save you a lot of hassle, so call us or use our online contact page today to request more information or an appraisal.

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