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Why Choose Hospira Pumps?

Choose Hospira Pumps

Intravenous (IV) infusion pumps are among the most widely used devices for in-patient care. Over 90 percent of hospital patients receive IV medications through IV infusion pumps.

Infusion Pumps Focus On Human Care Factors

The best infusion products are designed with human factors in mind. So what aspects of infusion pump design make a difference?

  • Nurses often take care of patients in low-light conditions. As a result, they benefit from large fonts on the display.
  • Nurses access a library of 2500 medications when they operate the equipment. Software must be up to date and complete. Nurses are often forced to bypass safety features when the drug library is incomplete.
  • Nurses, as we all know, have a lot to do. But first, they need IV pumps that sound alarms when there is a problem, not just when an infusion is at the end of its run.

Simpler To Use — Pumps

Ninety percent of the infusion products used in the United States are three models made by three manufacturers: BD/Alaris, Baxter Sigma, and Hospira Plum A+. The B/D Alaris design can be programmed in 15 steps. The Baxter Sigma design can be programmed in 17 steps. The Hospira Plum A+ design takes just 11 steps.

Hospira Plum A+ — Is Recall Free

There have been four product recalls of BD/Alaris designs for mechanical problems that affect the survivability of patients. There has been one product recall of Baxter Sigma products for the potential of critical failure. There have been no such recalls of the Hospira Plum A+ infusion model.

Hospira Pumps Provide Superior Service

Every Hospira IV pump on the market since 2015 has been designed for cybersecurity. They cannot be remotely accessed to change infusion rates. And Hospira pumps achieve superior reliability with these features:

  • Air management does not require disconnecting the line from the patient.
  • It offers automatic air removal in lines through the cassette’s secondary administration port without disconnecting the IV line from the patient.
  • The device captures 1 mL of air in a trap before the alarm is activated.
  • The product is optimized for safety and compliance. Programming starts with the drug library.
  • It functions independently of head height—no need to raise or lower IV containers.
  • The pump automatically populates with medication orders sent by your pharmacy system.
  • Automated documentation captures the start and stop times, titrations, and pump settings.
  • Wireless integration for updates to pharmacy orders and drug libraries.

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