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Choosing The Right Medical Exam Table For Your Practice

Choosing The Right Medical Exam Table For Your Practice

The medical exam table is often the starting point for many types of patient interaction and care. Whether a nurse is working through intake questions and vitals or a physician is performing procedures, the right exam table can make all the difference. Is your furniture getting in the way of providing patients with comfort and providers with functionality?

We’ve put together a list of features to consider and help you make the best choice during your next purchase for your exam rooms.

  • Procedure Type
  • Patient Type
  • Accessibility & Adjustability
  • Storage Capabilities
  • Portability

Options That Support Your Specialty

Chiropractic adjustments, prenatal examinations, dental checkups, and eye exams all require a surface to keep the patient safe and comfortable. Each specialty, however, requires access to different views and maneuverability of the patient being cared for.

You’ll want to make sure your exam tables allow you to position and access your patients in ways that provide the best care.

Tables For Patient-Centered Care

Who are you treating? The features you choose to focus on should reflect the types of people you serve. Children, pregnant women, and bariatric patients each have their own needs. Take a look at exam table weight limits, heights, and accessories.

Break Down Barriers To Treatment

Some people dread going to the doctor because getting up on the table is challenging or painful. Remove this fear for the elderly, children, individuals with special needs, and expectant mothers by choosing height-adjustable exam tables. Lower your table or move from a supported sitting to a laying position at the touch of a button.

Optimize Your Square Footage & Convenience

If you’re short on space, it may not be practical to have cabinetry or rolling carts in your treatment rooms. Or, you may prefer to have some items, like extra rolls of paper, stirrup covers, and clean gowns within reach. Many exam tables include storage drawers so you can keep what you need nearby without extra furniture to stock and clean.

Comfort & Safety Wherever You Need It

If patient procedures are likely to move from a general exam room to radiology or surgery, consider portable treatment chairs. These versatile exam chairs and stretcher chairs keep patients comfortable, safe, and supported and bring all the features you need with you.

Our Selection Of Ritter & Midmark Exam Tables

Get the functionality that you need without sacrificing quality. We carry options of refurbished, name-brand exam tables by both Midmark and Ritter. For a specific product or the latest on our available inventory, please contact us.

Save Money, Order Refurbished Today

Now that you have some ideas about what you want in an exam table, let us help you get it. Contact us at Gumbo Medical to place your order today.

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