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Hospital Bed Features For Patient Safety

Hospital Bed Features For Patient Safety

Hospital beds need to keep patients comfortable and safe while allowing caregivers to work efficiently. When sourcing replacement inventory for your hospital, nursing home, ASC, or other medical facility, it’s essential to be aware of available safety features to ensure the best possible outcome for your patients.

At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we carry refurbished hospital beds from leading manufacturers, including Hill-Rom and Stryker, so you can rest assured that the equipment you purchase from us contains state of the art safety features.

  • Side Rails
  • Electric Height Adjustment
  • Mattress Features
  • IV Poles
  • Bariatric Capacity

Safety Side Rails

One key feature of hospital bed safety is the side rails. These can help keep patients from falling and support them when getting in and out of bed. Side rails can also give certain patients a feeling of comfort or security. However, rails are not risk-free; cuts and bruises, strangulation from entrapment, and other serious injuries can occur when rails are incorrectly installed or misused.

We refurbish our medical equipment to like-new condition for maximum safety and reliability.

Reduce Injuries With Electric Height Adjustment

A height adjustment feature is ideal for individuals who are otherwise at risk of falling or becoming injured while climbing in or out of bed. Fully electric models may have controls that can raise or lower the entire frame as needed, which can be critical for ensuring that patients can get in and out of bed safely.

The controls also allow caregivers to adjust the bed to the optimal height for providing care, which can help reduce the risk of injuries to both patient and caregiver.

Quality Hospital Mattress Features

When it comes to patient safety, you should never skimp on mattress quality. Hospital beds typically have special mattresses that are designed to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. These mattresses can be made from a variety of materials, and they often have special features like air pockets or gel inserts that help keep patients comfortable and prevent pressure ulcers from forming. Medical mattresses and their covers are also designed to be easily cleaned and sanitized.

We sell new hospital mattresses in typical and custom sizes.

Convenient Attached IV Poles

Hospital beds typically have IV poles attached to them. This allows caregivers to easily administer IV fluids and medications without having to move the patient around. It also helps keep the IV lines organized and tidy, which can reduce the risk of caregiver error or patients getting tangled up in the lines or pulling them loose while moving around in bed.

Extend Care With Bariatric Capacity

Patients come in all shapes and sizes. Having beds available to support your heaviest patients is a very important safety consideration. Bariatric hospital beds are designed for obese individuals exceeding 350 pounds, so they are wider than standard models. Depending on the manufacturer and bed model, bariatric hospital beds may support patients weighing up to 500 pounds or even higher.

Used Hospital Beds For Sale

Gumbo Medical, LLC is a Las-Vegas based company that sells high-quality refurbished medical equipment, including hospital beds. Our equipment comes in like-new condition with a limited warranty. We also sell new hospital mattresses, and ship nationwide. Call today for more information on our current inventory selections or to place an order.

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