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Medical Stretchers Types, Uses, & Buying Guide

Medical Stretchers Types Uses Buying Guide

At Gumbo Medical, LLC, we know that finding the best stretchers for your medical practice is essential. Whether you primarily cater to children and need smaller options or you handle bariatric patients where a stretcher’s weight capacity may be important, quality and patient comfort are what matter most. In order to make sure you’re getting the best ones at the right price, it’s essential to understand the different types and basic features.

The Different Types Of Medical Stretchers

There are three main types, but there are several subtypes to consider, and getting the right ones affects the quality of the patient experience at your facility. While transport stretchers are specifically to move patients, and procedural options need to be capable of handling medical procedures, specialty models can be either procedural or for transport. This includes a bariatric or pediatric stretcher, as well as an emergency model used for multiple purposes.

Essential Stretcher Features For Patient Safety & Comfort

The weight capacity of a stretcher, along with the mattresses that can be used on them, both need to work for the comfort and security of the patient. The ability to wheel equipment around easily and adjust patient position are both vital for comfort and safety. Some pediatric options also have crib-style sides to ensure a baby or small child can’t fall. When choosing, it’s important to consider the features your patients typically need and then find options with those necessary features.

Refurbished Stretchers Offer Economy & Quality

One significant consideration in choosing an emergency, bariatric, or pediatric stretcher is the value it provides. Refurbished options cost less than brand-new models, and in some cases, they can also be better quality. The mix of quality and lower cost means your facility can get what it needs in an affordable way, so it can focus on spending more on the care of patients. Many older stretchers were made to last and won’t wear out quickly, and that makes them great options for quality used equipment.

  • Strong Components That Last
  • Lower Price Points
  • Higher Value

Choose Quality Stretchers From A Trusted Company

If your doctor’s office or medical facility needs refurbished stretchers for patient comfort and economic value, contact us at Gumbo Medical, LLC, today. We provide nationwide and international options for used medical equipment, including new mattresses and carts. The right choices for quality used equipment can add value to your practice and increase your opportunities for patient care.

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