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Refurbished Infant Warmers, Incubators & Bassinets For The NICU

Buy Refurbished Nicu Equipment

Upgrade or outfit your NICU affordably with quality refurbished infant warmers, incubators, and bassinets from Gumbo Medical, LLC. We are your high-quality source of “as good as new” used pediatric medical equipment. Choosing our expertly restored medical items allows you to maximize your budget without sacrificing your standards for patient care and comfort.

Refurbished Infant Warmers

Radiant warmers provide external heat while at the same time allowing open access to newborn infants. The warm, radiant light produced by these devices helps stabilize the newborn’s temperature until they can thermo-regulate.

Gumbo Medical, LLC offers several models of refurbished infant warmers for your delivery room or neonatal care unit, with a variety of features such as integrated bassinets, examination lamps, computerized control panels, digital displays, and integrated alarm systems.

Used Infant Incubators

A NICU incubator is a box-like enclosure which keeps the neonatal patient in a controlled environment for care and observation. Incubators include such elements as access ports for nursing care, a fan, a heater, a humidification device, a control valve to allow oxygen, etc.

The reduced-cost refurbished incubators from Gumbo Medical, LLC undergo a strict eight-step process to ensure they look and work exactly the same as a brand-new unit.

Cribs & Bassinets

The best pediatric cribs and used hospital bassinets will allow a close approach from both sides. Look for easy to clean, stainless steel construction, double ball bearing swivel casters, and the basket’s ability to be raised at either end.

Looking For New Bassinet Pads?

Although our premium pediatric medical equipment is refurbished to factory standards, we also sell brand new bassinet pads. If you need to replace old or worn-out pads, Gumbo Medical, LLC has you covered.

High Quality Refurbished NICU Equipment

Our meticulous restoration process has helped Gumbo Medical, LLC gain the trust of hospitals and maternity wards nationwide. Contact us today to find out more about our economical neonatal warmers, incubators, and bassinets.

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