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Why Buy Used Ritter & Midmark Exam Tables?

Ritter Midmark Exam Tables

Looking for a smart way to upgrade your medical office without spending too much? You’ve come to the right place! Buying used Ritter & Midmark exam tables gives you top-notch quality without the big price tag.

Benefits Of Our Refurbished Tables

  • Save Money – Get almost-new tables without the new price.
  • Quality Assured – We make sure every table works like it’s brand new.
  • Comfort and Safety – These tables keep your patients feeling good and safe.

Cool Features Of Ritter & Midmark Tables

  • Made with Care – Years of research have made these tables comfy and easy to use.
  • Clean and Safe – If there’s a spill, no worries! They’re easy to clean.
  • Special Designs – Some tables are perfect for older folks or those needing extra help getting on and off.

Our Top Tables

Picking The Right Medical Exam Table

Think about your patients. You might want a table that can hold more weight if some are heavier. If you see older or pregnant patients, get a table that moves up and down easily. With Ritter and Midmark, there’s a table for everyone!

Get Quality Used Medical Equipment At Gumbo Medical

At Gumbo Medical all our used medical exams tables look and work like they’re fresh from the factory. And the best part? You save a lot of money. Want to learn more? Browse our online catalog or contact our sales team to start your order

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