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Stryker Vs. Hill Rom Hospital Beds

Stryker Vs. Hill Rom Hospital Beds

We hope you aren’t expecting a knock-down, drag-out battle of the beds here. The fact is, when it comes to choosing hospital beds for your medical facility, you can’t go wrong with either Stryker or Hill Rom. That’s why we refurbish and resell both brands of used hospital beds and suites at Gumbo Medical, LLC.

We know that whichever of these brands you choose, you’ll get a product that will last for years and provide an optimum level of patient care and comfort.

  • Med-Surg Units
  • Critical Care
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Labor & Delivery / Postpartum
  • ICUs
  • Bariatric
  • Home Care

Used Hill Rom Hospital Beds

Hill Rom designs beds to maximize patient comfort and safety while keeping provider workflow and productivity in mind. No wonder this company has become one of the top manufacturers of hospital beds in the United States.

Features vary from model to model. If you need help positioning patients, watch for electric, hydraulic, and manual controls as well as hi-lo positioning features. Increase safety with guard rails, exit alarms, and bariatric patient support.

Refurbished Stryker Hospital Beds

Like Hill Rom, Stryker beds are designed around both patient and provider needs. Our used Stryker beds have fewer high-tech features than some higher-end Hill Rom offerings, which keeps costs down.

Stryker hospital beds are particularly suited for use in healthcare facilities, training facilities, and in-home settings.

  • Stryker Secure II Hospital Bed – This Med Surg bed has an open architecture, low bed height, retractable bed frame, and patented safety features, including Stryker’s Chaperone® bed exit system and Zone Control® technology.
  • Stryker Go Bed II Hospital Bed – This is a fully-electric motorized bed with easy-to-use one-handed controls, a low bed height, full-length side rail coverage, and other convenient features.
  • Stryker S3 Hospital Bed – Supporting patients up to 500 pounds, this versatile Med Surg bed includes a retractable bed frame, integrated scale, patented safety features, and optional iBed Awareness, which can alert caregivers if specific preset parameters are compromised.

Gumbo Medical, LLC Has Hospital Beds For Sale

Top-of-the-line medical equipment can be very costly, but purchasing knock-off brands to cut costs can be risky. You can ensure patient safety and comfort and save money by purchasing used hospital beds from Gumbo Medical, LLC.

We carry a range of Hill Rom and Stryker models suitable for use in various patient and facility settings. Contact us today by phone, or use our online form to get more details.

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