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10 Tips For Buying Used Medical Equipment

Tips For Buying Used Medical Equipment

Buying used medical equipment for your hospital, clinic, or another medical facility is integral to giving your patients the best care and support. Here are 10 of the most valuable tips to consider when buying used supplies to get the best value for your money.

  1. Create A List Of Everything You Need.
  2. Scout Out Products Ahead Of Time.
  3. Ask About Bulk Pricing.
  4. Get Everything In One Place If Possible
  5. Be Clear About Any Delivery Concerns
  6. Look At Refurbished Brands
  7. Consider The Maintenance Costs
  8. Ask About Warranties
  9. Look For Good Deals & Special Offers
  10. Keep Track Of Your Expenses

1. Create A Comprehensive List Of Your Needs.

When you’re scouting out new supplies, you should make a solid list of wants and needs, allocating priority to each. You’ll also want to factor in a few details.

  • Budget effectively so you don’t overspend.
  • Prioritize items on your shopping list in order of importance.
  • Consider patient needs above all else.

2. Scout Out Product Ahead Of Time.

Waiting until the last minute can make it that much harder to get quality deals and effective pricing.

3. Ask About Bulk Pricing

When you’re shopping in bulk, you may be able to get discounts on common medical supplies, especially if you’re passing a manufacturer’s purchasing threshold.

4. Get Everything In One Place

If you can find a one-stop shop, it can make it that much easier to buy all your supplies in one place. Plus, you can also get gear shipped together, reducing the number of deliveries to your facility.

5. Be Clear About Delivery Concerns

Some facilities have stringent delivery requirements. Ensure that your supplier is aware of any of these specialized needs.

6. Consider Refurbished Supplies.

Sometimes, shopping for refurbished goods can help you get a better deal on equipment that works just as well as new.

7. Consider Maintenance Costs

Long-term expenses and maintenance costs can add up over time, especially if you aren’t prepared.

8. Ask About Warranties

Warranties can keep you protected from any unforeseen issues or maintenance headaches.

9. Look For Special Offers.

Outside of major sales holidays, some equipment regularly goes on sale or sees discounts.

10. Keep Track Of Your Expenses.

Having a solid, documented budget and expense tracker can help protect your facility from added costs.

Deciding Between Repair and Replacement

When you’re making a list of the used medical equipment you want to purchase, it’s essential to consider whether you need replacement of everything you’re listing or whether the repair would make sense in some cases. Minor problems with larger equipment pieces generally mean restoration is less costly.

When You Need To Replace The Equipment

However, if you have large pieces of medical equipment breaking down frequently or showing their age in other ways, choosing replacement can be the better option. The medical equipment you buy will be a better investment in the long run than just continuing to repair what you already have. Certified used equipment with a good warranty can also help protect you from extra expenses, so your clinic or another medical facility can operate more smoothly.

The Value of Quality Used Medical Equipment

The value of used medical equipment is that it allows you to help patients without unnecessary expenses and related issues. By choosing certified used medical equipment to replace what you currently have, your medical facility can provide critical, quality patient care.

Let Us Help You Decide

Contact us at Gumbo Medical today if you’re looking for used medical equipment in the Las Vegas area. We can help replace your current equipment with certified used options that meet your needs.

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